2021 Skoda Eniaq/Enyaq iV, Skoda’s Electric SUV Start from $44,500 [update]

2021 Skoda Eniaq World Premiere

Finally, Skoda is holding a World premiere for its electric SUV. The name of the latest car by Skoda is the 2021 Skoda Enyaq iV, or some people pronounce it Eniaq. So, what are the coolest things about this vehicle? Just take a look at the details below. It can be one of your favorite cars after reading the specifications.

The manufacturer is using Eniaq or Enyaq for several reasons. The main reason is the meaning of the word. Based on the meaning, Eniaq or Enyaq means essence, spirit, or entity. It is also taken from the word Enya that represents the source of life. The manufacturer gives an additional Q as the type of the SUV family from Skoda.

New Skoda Eniaq Exterior  Design

The exterior of this car looks cool. Based on the exterior model, it seems that Skoda has modified the VW Tiguan’s body and developed it a little bit to make the car look fresher and more stylish. The manufacturer is about to create a modern and sporty vehicle with approximately 4.60 meters in length. Seemingly, the exterior model will remind you of the Coupe.

Some of the parts are also fresher such as the front and rear spoilers, side mirrors, and side skirts in which they are made of carbon fiber. The manufacturer chooses carbon fiber because this material is 100% recycled polyester.

Furthermore, the manufacturer designs the doors with a unique opening model. The uniqueness is also in the use of 22-inch alloy wheels. This car is using an LED strip, and it may be inspired by Golf 8. The grille designs strengthen the sporty model of the vehicle.

You will also see the same LED strip at the rear that connects the rear lights. Furthermore, the exterior will also use torn front headlights and a fully closed grill. The roof design is descended gently to the back. Based on the prototype model, Skoda Eniaq will look attractive and futuristic along with metallic yellow body paint.


The interior also looks cool along with carbon fiber material. One of the interesting parts is on its steering wheel. The 2021 Skoda Eniaq is using an ecological material known as Sensotec for the steering wheel. The special thing about this material is that it is a vegan synthetic fiber and produced by following the standard of the Vinyl Plus Program of the European Union.

2021 Skoda Eniaq Interior Photos

The manufacturer understands that comfort is one of the most important elements in a car. Because of that, Skoda Eniaq will have a digital instrument cluster, a high-resolution display in the dashboard, and a touchscreen system in the middle of the center console. The idea of the system is to keep the driver comfortable without losing his or her focus while driving. They can just set the system easier and faster.

2021 Skoda Eniaq Engine 

Another great thing about the New Skoda Eniaq is about the engine and its system. The manufacturer is creating this car like a hybrid or electric car and it is the first 100% electric SUV in 2020.

As an electric car, Skoda Eniaq will be supported lithium-ion batteries for the power source. The car can run up to 510 kilometers with the help of the batteries. The battery is installed in the underbody of the car.

you guys can choose 5 different variants of this electric SUV, Enyaq comes with Two rear-wheel-drive at the launch: the 60, which uses a 62kWh battery, produces 177bhp and has a range of 260 miles, and the 80 with an 82kWh battery, 201bhp and a 310-mile range In official WLTP test.

a cheaper model with 55kWh battery will follow later, and other models that are coming soon are four-wheel drive 82kWh Enyaqs: the 262bhp 80X and the RS model with 302 bhp. Personally I can’t wait for the RS model.

all Enyaq’s are capable of charging at a 50kW rate, a fast charge. however, you can choose a faster charging, which is 100kW for 60 models and 125 kW for the 80 models, with the fastest charging capability you can charge the battery from 10-80% in 40 minutes.

2021 Skoda Eniaq Electric SUV iV Pictures

Don’t underestimate this electric car because Skoda Eniaq can accelerate in just 5.9 seconds from 0 to 100 km per hour. Moreover, drivers don’t have to wait for the fully recharged battery while charging it.

The power of the battery can reach 80% for only 30 minutes. Drivers just have to wait for two and a half hours until the battery is fully recharged and they can drive the car just like before. It is claimed that drivers can recharge the battery not only in a special recharge station but also in a conventional electric network. The car is also supported by two electric motors that put on the axles.

This concept provides more power to the car so the power can reach up to 302 hp along with the four-wheel-drive model. The electrical motor version can produce up to 150 kW or 204 horsepower. The car with two engine versions can produce up to 225 kW or 300 horsepower. The purpose is to accommodate drivers who want to drive the car from their house to the office or any other close places.

The manufacturer applies the engine and system because they want to produce 10 electric vehicles along with zero-emission in the middle of 2022. It seems that Skoda Eniaq reaches this target.

2021 Skoda Eniaq/Enyaq iV Release Date & Price

On September 1, 2020, Skoda finally officially announced Skoda Enyaq globally. you can see the launch event in this video. This Czech electric SUV is on sale early 2021, the price starts from $44,504.

The manufacturer announces that they will release Skoda Eniaq in 2020. There is no clear information yet from the manufacturer about the exact date. It is predicted that the car is ready in the middle of 2020 in case the team has to catch up on the target to produce 10 electric vehicles until 2022.

Although we don’t know the exact release yet, the prototype of the 2020 Skoda Eniaq has been released at the Geneva Motor Show in early 2019. It is also the same case with the price of the car.

We don’t know the exact price yet. One thing for sure, the price will be reasonable with the features, technology, and system used in the car. So, we just have to wait for the development of the car and see the real specifications after the manufacturer releases the car. It hopes that they release this car immediately because the 2021 Skoda Eniaq looks fascinating and everyone can’t wait to see the real product.


It seems that Skoda Eniaq is a cool car. The manufacturer also cares about the environment by creating an environmentally friendly car. It can be seen in the way the manufacturer chooses the materials and the goal of the car. It will be great if people can drive a zero-emission and environmentally friendly car on the road.

The New Skoda Eniaq iV can be the turning point in which people are not only having a cool car but also a car with less negative impacts on the environment.

image source: motor1.com