Nikola Badger, Electric Pickup Preview: Specs, Price, Range

Nikola Badger seems to be a new car from Nikola Motor. It will be launched in 2022, targeting an electric pickup and truck segment growing rapidly now. It is available in battery electric vehicles and fuel-cell electric vehicles.

Nikola Badger Cost

The big name of this company is famous for producing semi-truck products. To know more details of this pickup, you should read the following things. 

Nikola Badger Electric Pickup Overview

The generation of electric pickup and trucks will attract one’s attention. It will be more interesting due to the presence of Nikola Badger’s pickups. It will offer an electric powertrain and electric hydrogen.

Though it only looks like a truck rendering, it looks so futuristic and close. It offers a driver’s distance of 600 miles, a peak output of 906 horsepower, and 980 lb-ft torsions. Those interesting features make you choose this car. 

Nikola Badger Interior

So far, the rendering system of this pickup has become a positive feature of this car. It shows that it has a conventional style element combination with futuristic details inside it. It has a traditional central console with some cupholders and a setting system on the innovation floors all over the aimed cabinets to save the cargo. It also claims that the seats are available for five persons. The set is fully water-resistant and even has a hidden refrigerator.

Nikola Badger Interior Features and Detail

Though it has no details about the cargo bed’s size, it will surely offer a stop contact with 15kW to turn a camping kit list and electric kits.

Besides that, a fuel booster model has a waterfall when you require a cup of high H20. Those are some things about Nikola Badger’s electric pickup. 

Nikola Badger Price

Nikola Badger is Available in 2 different models, BEV ( battery electric vehicle ) and FCEV ( fuel cell electric vehicle. The Price of BEV starting at $60,000, and the Fuel Cell started at $80,000. You can pre-order this electric pickup truck right now on the Nikola Motor official website.

Engine, Transmission, and Performance

Nikola Badger electric pickup seems to be a good innovative car that you should have. It will be available with an electric-battery powertrain or electric-battery hybrid system in which it is powered by hydrogen fuel. It claims that the pickup will show a battery package of 160.0 kWh.

And an optional fuel cell of around 120 kWh. It means that it is fairly powerful. If you get interested in buying this car, you should buy an electric version only. Then, you will have an option to add a fuel cell system when you have the chance to do it.

This pickup can produce the peak output of up to 906 horsepower and 980 lb-ft torque. However, it will have a continuous output of 455 horsepower.

The fastest version is estimated to accelerate from zero to 60 mph in around 2.9 seconds. It is possibly operating in any hard terrain and up 40 percent. Even it can be launched in a silent position when you pull a trailer. With this future electric truck, you can tow up to 8000 pounds.


There will be some specification details of Nikola Badger Electric pickup that you should know. 

  • 600 mile on FCEV and mix BEV
  • 300 miles in BEV only 
  • It has produced 906 horsepower at the top of the power
  • It will produce 455 continuous horsepower
  • It has 980 lbs feet for torque
  • It is compatible with an industrial standard charging for a BEV mode
  • Dimensions; 5890mm L x 2180mm W x 1870mm T
  • It has embedded an ion lithium battery with 160 kWh power
  • It has a sophisticated supercapacitor with an ion lithium and fuel cells
  • The operating target can be without a motor 
  • The export power of the stop switch is 15 kw. 
  • Towing Capacity up to 8,000 lbs
  • Drivetrain: 4×4 Independent Wheel Drive (IWD)

Nikola Badger truck Release Date

Capacity and Load 

It is claimed that this Nikola Badger pickup has a pull capacity of more than 8000 pounds. However, it has not claimed the maximum capacity or details anything with its load limit. 

Nikola Badger Battery Capacity and Charging Time

A special electric Badger pickup is claimed to have a range of 300 miles for once power charging. The version of hydrogen fuel cells is said that it has a range of up to 600 miles. Meanwhile, the US today has several hydrogen stations.