New Tesla Model Y Review, Performance, Interior & Price

New Tesla Model Y Price and Configurations

Tesla Model Y is a real future vehicle. In this modern world, everything is now becoming more advanced and efficient with the help of technology. One of the biggest development in vehicles is the energy they are using today.

Even though many cars still use fuel for their main energy, but many companies have been developing electrical cars. With these cars, people can refill their car just by recharging it without having to fill it with fuel.

It will be a great saving in the coming years for many people. One of the upcoming electrical cars is the 2021 Tesla Model Y, which will be one of the most efficient SUV cars.

This SUV car is the next generation or version of the Model 3. Therefore, many people are thinking that they might be the same in many ways. However, one thing for sure the size of Model Y is longer and taller compared to model 3. But how about the specs and the machine in the Model Y? Will it better than its competitor and the version before?

Tesla Model Y Impressions

The first impression after seeing the 2021 Tesla is that it has a sporty touch. The whole design of the car isn’t like other SUV cars that are usually bigger for the back part. The size of the back is bigger but almost the same size as the front part of the car. Overall, the dimension of the car is 2.2 inches longer, 2.8 inches wider and 7.2 inches taller which is quite small. 

As for the colors, the car will be available in 5 colors black, white, silver, blue and red. However, other colors than black and white will cost a bit more expensive. But all the colors they have are all great because they use the metallic painting to make it look, high class. You can also choose the wheels you want to use for your car. There are two kinds of wheels you can choose, one is 18″ and the other is a bit bigger 20″. 

New Tesla Model Y Rede Colors

2021 Tesla Model Y Interior

Even though the size of this SUV is bigger than before, but the basic has a 5-capacity seat. The space between the seats and the front row is quite spacey making it comfortable for the passengers. However, the second-row seats can be folded independently giving more space for the back row. Despite folding it, the trunk itself is quite big having many spaces for your belongings.

The interior design of the New Model Y is made very simple by minimizing buttons. You can control the things in your car from the screen on the dashboard. For the interior design, you can choose between white or black as the basic and main color of your interior. So, by combining simple minimal design with white and black, you will get a modern minimize interior.

Specs & Speeds

When it comes to electric cars, many people start underestimating the power and speed. Most people think that they can’t last long, and they can’t go at high speed. This electric car comes with a battery that can cover up from around 230 miles to 300 miles the farthest. The standards top speed is up 120 mph whereas the highest performance is 150 mph. For an electrical car, these speeds and power are quite great especially if you use them between cities.

The 2021 Tesla also has a low center of gravity, making it easy to speed up like a sports car. So, even though this is an SUV car, you can feel like driving a sports car. So, with the specs and the speed that it has, this is sure a great car for inside use or long trips. Especially because it also supports supercharging, where you only need 15 minutes to get a 168 miles range.

Features & Facilities

One of the best parts of the 2021 Tesla Model Y is that it comes with many advance technologies. Inside the car, you will get a 15” touchscreen where you can control many things. The car will also come with premium audio that consists of 14 speakers, 1 subwoofer and 2amps to entertain you int car. To support all this, you will have an in-car internet to let you browse and stream live music and media.

There will also be an internet browser, where you can also browse or search for things you need. However, if you get lost and need to find the way, all you need is to open the satellite-view maps. Inside the car, you will also get an online map that will guide you through your drive.

New Tesla Model Y Interior Dasboard with sleek and elegant Design

The next interesting feature about the 2021 Tesla is that has an autopilot feature. This feature is to assist you with burdensome driving that sometimes you are not aware of. It will be your assistant when you drive, giving signs, warning, and blinding-spot monitoring. So, even though you drive alone, you will feel like there is an assistant with you. However, to get this feature, there will additionally cost you need to pay. 

2021 Tesla Model Y Price & The Release Date

You can get the car at the end of this year, however, to book a car you must deposit around $2,500. The standard car will be set off for around $39,000 without any additional features. For additional matters, each price is different, depending on what you would like to add.

For example, a different color car will also cost you a different price for the car. If you choose other colors than black and white, it will be more expensive. You will need to add around $1,500 – $2,500 if you want other colors and wait a bit longer.

As for those who want additional seating in the car and make it 7 seating, you can also $3,000 on your purchase. But this will be done after you have finished all your payments. The seats will take place in the back and making your trunk a bit smaller.

Compared to the competitors, their price is quite pricey, but you will get a lot in the car. The 2021 Tesla Model Y will not be using fuel but battery which will be a big saving in the future. It is also environment-friendly, so it will be the future car in the coming years.

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New Tesla Model Y Rede ColorsNew Tesla Model Y Price and ConfigurationsNew Tesla Model Y Interior Dasboard with sleek and elegant DesignNew Tesla Model Y Battery range