2021 Mercedes U Class Concept, Rumors, and Price | Ultra Luxury Sedan

The concept of 2021 Mercedes U Class has been the internet darling lately. This new lineup is expected to become the next-generation luxurious vehicles from the automaker. The letter “U” here is derived from the German word “uppig” that refers to lavish, luxurious, or sumptuous.

2021 Mercedes U Class Debut

This concept is supposed to fulfill the empty slot between the luxurious sedans from the automaker. As we know, there has been S Class on the market which is above Audi and BMW in term of a class luxury sedan. However, this car is still behind the Rolls Royce and Bentley in the ultra-luxury market.

Rather than continuing with Maybach, which the company make it as a brand for itself but didn’t as successful as it thought, Mercedes needs to release a brand-new vehicle to compete in the ultra-luxury market. That’s why the upcoming U Class would be highly anticipated.

2021 Mercedes U Class Concept and Rumors

It’s no secret that the production of Maybach has been discontinued several years ago. And 2021 is expected to be the right time for the new U Class to hit the market. Once this model is launched, the existing S-Class can compete with two distinctive classes.

Whether the automaker decides to continue the Maybach or create something new, the point is that the car should offer more than the current S Class. There have been many enthusiasts that share their thought about how the new vehicle should look like and what it has under the hood.

One of the 2021 Mercedes U Class concepts indicates that the car will be powered by a front-mounted 6.0L Biturbo V12 engine. It would be a very impressive unit to deliver highly dependable performance for a luxury sedan. This powerful drivetrain would be wrapped in a unique design.

We can say that the exterior concept of U-Class looks modern and futuristic. It a has a simple, yet extraordinary appearance that makes it stand out on the road. Considering its class, the interior would be super luxurious and exclusive as well. It may come with a long list of luxurious features.

2021 Mercedes U Class Interior

2021 Mercedes U Class Price and Release Date

Then, when the upcoming U Class will come to the US market? At the time of writing, this new car is still a concept and the automaker hasn’t confirmed the rumor yet. Thus, we may need to wait until the company unveils the future of Mercedes U Class.

Since it is supposed to be higher in class than the current S Class, the price would be more expensive than this model as well. It means that the price for its base version will be above $149,550. And it will join the ultra-luxury market with the premium sedans from Bentley and Rolls-Royce.

In conclusion, Mercedes is expected to launch a new vehicle that is higher than the current S Class series. This new car should compete in the ultra-luxury market under the name of Mercedes U Class. Now, let’s wait for further information about the debut of this 2021 Mercedes U Class.

2021 Mercedes U Class Concept, Rumors, and Price | Ultra Luxury Sedan Pictures

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