New Ford Tourneo Custom Review: All You Need to Know About Ford 9 Seater Minibus

Ford Tourneo Custom is one of the recommended vehicles for looking for a large capacity car. This car is an option for a big family who loves to travel around together. Look at the specifications of this Ford minibus to make sure that it fills your needs.


Ford explains that their latest minibus is luxurious. This manufacturer uses a bold front-end design and chrome grilles to boost the vehicle’s luxury appearance.

They even give up to ten body colors, including white, red, blue, silver, chrome blue, black, dark red, orange, and magnetic.

People can choose one of six models: the Shuttle Bus, Zetec, Titanium, Active, Titanium X, and Sport.

This vehicle looks outstanding to see with the compact front lamps. It uses LED lamps technology for a brighter light. It seems the body design is similar to other minibusses, along with a horizontal shape body. Indeed, this body shape shows that you will get a spacious area inside the car, whether for the passengers or cabin for the luggage.

The difference between Tourneo Custom and other minibusses is its chrome and gloss black finishes.

New Ford Tourneo Custom Review

Ford Tourneo Custom Interior

The interior is also as interesting as the exterior design. The purpose of this vehicle is to bring a lot of passengers and items comfortably and safely. Ford successfully achieved this goal.

Tourneo Custom is comfortable enough for up to nine passengers. The seat consists of six individual seats and two seats beside the driver’s seat. The interesting thing is not only about the chairs but also the way you can set them.

You can set the seats in the two rear rows or face to face like a conference format. As a result, passengers can discuss anything during the trip. You can also set the seats in two rows of three seats facing forward if it is not. The fun part is not stopped there because you can fold the individual seats flat, tumble, and stow.

How about if you don’t bring a lot of passengers? It is not a problem. Remove the seats to get a more spacious sitting area inside the car. The passengers can move their knees freely anywhere they want for a more pleasant sitting experience in a minibus. You can even remove all the seats to have a large cabin to bring a lot of items. The seats are comfortable with high-quality foam material.

This car has a sound reduction material in the cabin. Ford also adds a carpet to stabilize the temperature inside the car. Based on this description, we know that Ford makes extreme changes on the interior trim to create a more modern, pleasant, and meet its users’ needs.

New Ford Tourneo Custom Interior Dashboard Features


Ford includes a lot of features to make their dreams to produce a modern minibus come true. It is the right time for people to drive a smart minibus. Driving a minibus for a few hours is stressful, and Ford helps solve this problem by installing an entertainment system.

The interesting thing is that you don’t need to move your hand from the steering to setting the system. All you have to do is use voice commands, and the entertainment system works as you want. You can also find a specific destination with the help of the system. The feature shows the nearby location you want to visit, such as cafes, car parks, train stations, airports, hotels, and many more. You can connect the system of the car with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Ford concerns about your safety without reducing the comfort and performance of the car. This minibus has a specific system that helps to detect speed limits. As a result, you can drive the car at a maximum speed within legal limits. It is not a problem if you park this big vehicle and the blind spot feature’s help.

While parking the vehicle, this feature warns you, so it doesn’t hit other cars, and you can perfectly park the minibus. This minibus is safe to drive in pedestrians using a specific feature that shows slower vehicles or pedestrians. Ford adds an air conditioning system, USB ports, and speaker audio system.

Passengers can easily set the temperature to make it cooler or warmer by setting the air conditioning system. They can also use up to six USB ports to use their gadgets during the trip. The speaker audio allows passengers to listen to their favorite music no matter where they sit in the car.

Ford Tourneo Custom Engine – EcoBlue Diesel Hybrid

How about the performance of this minibus? Another interesting thing is that Ford develops its engine, known as the Ford EcoBlue diesel engine, for the Tourneo Custom minibus. Users can choose three types of engines: the 105 PS, 130 PS, and 170 PS power diesel engine.

The most important thing is that this engine technology is to reduce fuel consumption and lower emissions level. On the other hand, there is also a small battery in this vehicle. The purpose of the battery is to support the engine combustion if it is needed. It is a hybrid and a rechargeable battery.

So, you only have to recharge the battery and get full energy from the battery to support the vehicle. The car manufacturer also uses automatic transmission for a better and comfortable controller. This minibus is using an alloy wheel that can enhance its handling and braking.

Ford Tourneo Custom Trim Level

People can choose six types of Ford Tourneo Custom Minibus. Titanium X is one of the interesting types people can take.

This series includes leather trim, the latest entertainment system with satellite navigation, a rear camera, and the latest headlamps.

On the other hand, the Ford Tourneo Custom Sport Series is an option for those who need a minibus with a cool exterior and stylish interior. You are about to drive a modern minibus with a 170PS engine, along with leather interior trim.

Ford Tourneo Custom Dimension & Capacity

Specifically, this vehicle’s overall length is around 4972 meters and 2272 meters with mirrors and 1986 without mirrors.

The space length of the luggage if you set the seat in three rows setting is around 650.

The space length is around 1.2 cubic liters capacity. You can increase the capacity by removing the rear seats. In this case, you will get around 5.1 cubic liters of space to put all the items into the minibus. The height of this minibus is around 1959 mm up to 1979 mm.

New Ford Tourneo Custom Interior Passenger Capacity


It is a large minibus in which you will have around eight or nine seats. You can take the short-wheelbase or long-wheelbase versions. You may take the longer version if you need a large cabin behind the third seat row. As a result, you can bring all the passengers in, sit comfortably, and put the luggage safely on the back.

One thing is for sure, no one or items were left behind because of the Ford Tourneo Custom minibus. You only have to adjust the second or third seat row to get the best adjustment before asking the passengers or putting all the items inside the cabin.

Ford Tourneo Custom Price

You may be curious about the cost of this minibus after reading the specifications above. The cost is around £36.00 to £62.00. The cost depends on the specifications and series you take. For example, the retail price of a Titanium EcoBlue is £36.585.00.

The specification you will get when choosing this version includes a 2.0L Ford EcoBlue diesel engine and six-speed manual transmission. The on the road price of this version is about £45.923.00. The Ford Tourneo Custom Minibus Sport series’s retail cost is around £39.050.00 up to £39.750.00. On the other hand, on the road, the cost is around £46.860.00 up to £48.480.00.

In this case, you are about to have a Ford minibus with a 2.0L Ford EcoBlue diesel engine with a six-speed manual or automatic transmission. The cost may increase based on the additional accessories and specifications you want to install on the car.

Ford dealers have various accessories to support the car’s performance, including steel wheels, spoke alloy wheels, privacy glass, rear mud flaps, smoker pack, a non-touchscreen audio system with Bluetooth, emergency assistance, Ford pass connect, and many more.

You can visit the official website or the nearest dealer in your area to get complete information about this vehicle’s cost.


So, use the Ford Tourneo Custom minibus if you often bring a lot of items or passengers. This vehicle is suitable enough for all terrains and a long-distance trip. The passengers can sit inside the car comfortably. They can even talk about anything they want by setting the seats face to face. The cabin on the back is also large enough. It seems suitable to bring all bags of the passengers safely until you get to the destination. Indeed, the cost is worth it with the features and facilities you will get from this minibus.