Dacia Urban City Car: First Dacia Electric Mini-SUV for Urban Driving

You may know that Dacia has been thinking of getting a more comprehensive range for a few years now, and they finally get the blessing from Renault Group to do so.

This information also comes from the French Automaker’s 2019 financial report; it reveals the name of Dacia Urban City Car. It is a new vehicle that will be released in 2021-2022, according to the roadmap.

2022 Dacia Urban City Car Release Date

You may think that your guest is as good as this article, although it is affordable. So, what kind of model that Renault has? You can 2022 Dacia EV below. 

This article will focus on the Dacia Urban City Car that has been listed in the BEV Category along with the CMF-EV based model as well. Although the detail is not available at the moment of writing, there are some guesses related to its identity.

One of the make sense scenarios is that the first E.V. will be a low-cost version of the Twingo Z.E. It also relates to the Smart E.Q. ForTwo. However, it may not happen since this car can be a European variant of City K-ZE launched in China last year.

The fact is that Renault said not too long ago that they announce the variant of K-ZE that has been adopted to Europe as the entry point into the zero-emissions for mobility. Many great things will wait for you, at least until next year.

Even Renault Group has announced an ambitious five-year plan to improve its electric vehicle offerings, reduce its reliance on the engines, and dramatically improve sales and profits. 

2022 Dacia Urban City Car Preview

You should know that It is one of the most accessible 100-percent electric city cars you can find in the market. It is how this production model has been described. But we still do not know how the culprit is the size of Zoe or Renault Twingo, but there is a third candidate that it should consider.

The rumor manufacturer suggests bringing back City K-ZE Small Crossover from China as Dacia for the U.K. and European markets. 

The first Dacia electric vehicle is indeed based on the Renault K-ZE. The Dacia Urban City Car will have a battery range of up to 155 miles ( 250Km). The electric motor produces 44 horsepower and 88 lb-ft of torque.

There is no official information about the price, but the cost of Dacia Spring should start from $8,900 if we look at the price in China for K-ZE.

Dacia Urban City Car Interior Pictures based on Renault K-ZE
Dacia Urban City Car Interior Pictures based on Renault K-ZE

This model will make you wow related to the specifications regardless of the size and body in the production process. Designing the cheapest E.V. means that Dacia will use a small battery. One electric motor will drive the front wheels with an excellent output result. You can wait until the next release. Even Renault Group also confirmed with Twingo Z.E. in the 2020 Geneva Motor Show that they will bring the drive and battery unit from the smart E.Q. But the official number is not available in this writing; you can imagine what segment urban occupants have to offer—many surprising things waiting for you. 

A New Electric Vehicle

You may think that Zoe X.E costs a little better, promised you 242 mills from 52 kilowatt-hours as well. You should know that Renault does not have an e-hatchback as big as Nissan Leaf that makes you curious since the two automakers are the alliance partner and Mitsubishi Motor.

Meanwhile, Dacia is entirely owned by Renault. It was expected in the series-production flavor next year, and Dacia is said to arrive in the market for the 2022 model at the beginning of 2022 based on the press conference. 

In a critical market, Renault will offer fans 100 percent of connected vehicles and the other 15 vehicles with autonomous driving, all depending on the model. Even Renault Nissan Mitsubishi Alliance also confirms that this new electric vehicle platform will get the self-driving technology. According to Autocar, Renault will reduce the number of diesel engines and cut the number of diesel engines from three to one.

You should know that in 2022, 80 percent of Renault models will be based on the common platforms used along with other Renault Nissan Mitsubishi Alliances. Renault expects to invest around 18 billion euros in research and development for the next six years and extract the savings more. 

If It can run according to the plan, then Renault’s sales will grow around 3,5 million per annum. So, I hope this article can give you a bit of insight to answer your curiosity about the 2022 Dacia EV.