Buying Jeep Patriot in 2020, an Affordable and Potent SUV

New Jeep Patriot Price USed

The 2020 Jeep Patriot is a five-door compact crossover SUV. Since its debut in 2006, jeep patriot has been fulfilling the need for a jeep vehicle with a small but potent engine. Even the new 2011 model is still using the jeep grill characteristic of jeeps. The simple boxy impression shows that this vehicle still holds the same design line as other jeeps.

Interior and seats

As a middle down class SUV, there’s not much to be expected in the interior. The hard plastic is all over the place. But, it’s still better than cheap plastic that mimics metal and wood. The high-quality hard plastic is honest and offers great functionality and utility.  The center console is neatly managed with many analog knobs and buttons that easy to understand. Overall it looks clean and good.

The seating is also quite comfortable, especially in the front seat. The seats have enough headroom and legroom for a long day trip. But, it means that the cargo room is sacrificed for the seat room. The cargo only has about 23 cubic feet space. Considering that even some hatchback could accommodate 20 cubic feet cargo space, it’s quite shameful. Even, after the rear seat is folded, it doesn’t create much space.

Jeep Patriot Engine and Handling

Since its debut in 2007, the 2020 Jeep Patriot engine doest receive many updates. At first glance, it seems like the engine is out of the league of the jeep engine.

The two-point four liters displacement seems to diverge from the big powerful engine that jeep usually produces. But it doesn’t mean that this car is under power.

Considering that this car weight about two tonnes, the engine is enough to pull the car with enough power. The 172 horsepower is really not much, but this car is not made for power. The real deal for an off-road SUV is in its torque. For the market outside the US, there are also 2 liters gasoline, 2 liters diesel, and 2.4 liters diesel engine options.

Jeep provides all-wheel drive and front-wheel drive options for the drivetrain. With the traction control, this car could get through any terrain without slipping. The six-speed automatic transmission transfer the high torque smoothly. There is also a CVT transmission option to make the power delivery smooth without shifting.

But for more solid power delivery and feeling with the car, there is also a five-speed manual transmission for the option. With all this power and torque, this engine consumes 22 mpg combined. In the city, it consumes 20 mpg, while on the highway it consumes 25 mpg. The small 2.4-liter engine is really showing its superiority in fuel consumption.

To control the power, the wheels are equipped with four-wheel ABS. the front wheel is using a disk brake, while the rear is using drum brake. For the power figure, the drum brake is enough to handle the car momentum.

Jeep Patriot Price and Lease Deals

The manufacturer suggested retail price is about $20,000 USD to 24,650 USD. It’s quite competitive in its class. As in 2017, the patriot is discontinued, most of the patriot is sold as a secondhand car. A used 2016 jeep patriot latitude with 33,000 miles costs about 14,000 USD. The installment option offers 156 USD per month. For lease deals, it starts with 4000 down payments and 109 USD per month or 220 USD per month with zero down. In 2020 Jeep Patriot will be a nice car to travel on-road and off-road.