10 Best SUVs For Women Drivers in 2023 (Comfy, Easy, Safety)

Understanding a woman is impossible, very difficult, LOL. This is impossible for me to do, including determining the right SUV for women, but I will do my best; wish me luck.

Okay, time to get serious. I set several criteria to find the right SUV for a woman to drive. The car must be comfortable, easy to drive, and of course, have the best safety features.

After knowing the criteria for what kind of car is suitable for a woman to drive, I chose the ten best SUVs that I can recommend.

So, what is the best SUV for a woman?

I have listed below the 10 Best SUVs for women drivers in no particular order. Check out!

  • Honda CR-V
  • Dodge Durango
  • Hyundai Palisade
  • Ford Escape
  • Lexus NX
  • Ford Explorer
  • Kia Sorento
  • Subaru Ascent
  • Ford Edge
  •  Toyota Highlander

Of course, they have their respective pros and cons. And I’ll go into more detail on that later.

Honda CR-V

Review Honda CR-V For Women

Honda CR-V is difficult not to be included in the list, and he is always on every list of the best SUVs that I have ever recommended. In this recommendation for SUVs for women, I place the CR-V as the most comfortable SUV.

Well, this position is quite tight between the CR-V and Mazda CX-5, but with some considerations, I chose the Honda CR-V over the Mazda CX-5. This car has a good history of better reliability, safety, and fuel economy.

CR-V Powered with a 1.5L 190 Horsepower engine and a CVT transmission which is by far the best automatic transmission in the world, in my opinion. There is also a choice of a 2.0L hybrid engine and two electric motors that produce 212 hp.

The price of the 2022 Honda CR-V starts at $26,400. You can also lease this SUV for under $300. Please read our article about the best SUV lease deals for complete information.

Dodge Durango

Driving an SUV with great power is usually tricky. However, with a Durango, you will get a different story. Having an engine with up to 360 horsepower (V8) and 295 Horsepower (V6) doesn’t make it difficult to control. Durango can accelerate from 0-60 mph in 7.4 seconds and 6.2 seconds for the V8 engine.

For infotainment, Durango has the best-in-class infotainment features. Apple Car Play and Android Auto are available. The 8.4-inch widescreen is embedded in the lowest Durango model. The Citadel and R/T models get 10.1-inch as standard.

New Dodge Durango SUV For a Women

All the features and conveniences I mentioned before making Dodge Durango very suitable for women. The price of this car starts at $36,995.

Hyundai Palisade

The Hyundai Palisade has a very spacious interior, fitting eight passengers. Very suitable for a mother who has many family members to bring to school, for example.

Hyundai Palisade Full-Size SUV for Women

The large dimensions do not make this Hyundai Full-Size SUV challenging to control. This car is also equipped with many of the latest features, including in terms of safety.

The Prices for Palisade start at $33,350. You get an SUV that is extraordinary, comfortable, safe, spacious, and sophisticated at that price.

Ford Escape

2020 Ford Escape Pictures

A compact SUV with a decent interior a handsome exterior, and certainly brings good safety features. The size is not too big, with a wheelbase of 106.7 in, 66.1 in height, 180.5 in length, making the New Ford Escape suitable for driving by a woman with high mobility.

It is powered by a 181 Horsepower engine and 8-speed automatic transmission, making this SUV crossover easy to drive. The Ford Escape is also a fuel-efficient car, reaching 26 mpg in the city, 31 mpg on the highway, and 28 mpg combined. The price of the 2022 Ford escape starts at $26,510.

Lexus NX

Lexus NX for Women

The New Lexus NX is a highly recognizable crossover SUV with a distinctive Lexus design that combines luxury and modernity. The Lexus NX is indeed very suitable for driving by a woman because this car has unquestionable comfort and safety.

Safest SUV on the list

The Lexus NX is also the safest SUV on the list. IIHS gives a perfect rating in every crash test. The NHTSA also scored five stars for the overall rating. So the Lexus NX is out of the question. You can get this car with prices starting at $37,950 for the 2022 Model year.

Ford Explorer

After I previously recommended the Ford Escape. This time, it was the turn of its brother, the 2021 Ford Explorer. This medium-sized SUV has the advantages of a smooth and controlled ride, spacious interior, and very comfortable front seats. Of course, this will make it easier for women to drive this SUV.

The Price of the Ford Explorer Starts at $33,745. This ford SUV is a decent choice in a crowded segment.

Kia Sorento

New Kia Sorento - 2021 SUVs Worth Waiting For

I just mentioned the proper criteria to make the Kia Sorento one of the best SUVs for women. Kia Sorento has very comfortable handling, is easy to control, and is enjoyable to drive. Besides that, the appearance of this SUV from Korea is quite handsome, and the interior is also relieved.

Safety features such as forward-collision warning, automated emergency braking, lane-departure warning, lane-keeping assist, blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert are available inside Sorento.

With prices starting at $29,590, the New Kia Sorento is a wise choice for women looking for a vehicle.

Subaru Ascent

The Subaru Ascent is a big SUV, so the seating configuration inside is certainly flexible. Even though it is significant, the driving experience offered is very comfortable suitable for women.

Standard 2022 safety features such as forward-collision warning, automated emergency braking, lane-departure warning, lane-keeping assist, adaptive cruise control are available.

The price of the 2022 Subaru Ascent starts from $32,295. making it one of the most worthy SUVs to buy today.

Hyundai Kona

New Hyundai Kona SUV for Women

Hyundai Kona comes with lots of refreshments from the previous model year. Many things have changed, which is a good improvement.

The Kona is a compact SUV, making it lightweight and easy to control. Even though it is small, Kona is filled with various standard features to support comfort and safety. The Kona’s as fun to drive as it is to look at, making it one of our favorite small SUVs for women.

Smallest & Cheapest

The price of the 2022 Hyundai Kona starts at $21,300. Make Kona the cheapest and smaller car on the list.

Toyota C-HR

2021 Toyota C-HR Specs & Updates

With a starting price of $23,880 MSRP, it’s hard not to include this gorgeous Toyota crossover. 2021 Toyota C-HR has 13 color choices that are sure to be flexible for young women to choose from, just like clothing colors.

Fantastic styling, nicely outfitted cabin, and standard safety tech are other reasons why the New Toyota C-HR is suitable for women, especially those of you who want a vehicle that is not only comfortable but also stylish.

Our Picks

Out of all the SUVs I recommend, which one would I choose if I was a woman?

The latest CR-V generation comes with an elegant, handsome design, with a very spacious and comfortable interior. Even the Honda CR-V is the most comfortable SUV on this list. The Honda CR-V is an excellent choice, which is the best all-around on the list.

The Lexus NX is the SUV you must take for those who want extra security. This compact and luxury SUV got a perfect score in all crash tests. Besides that, the Lexus NX is also stylish, comfortable, and a Hybrid option.

The Hyundai Kona and Toyota C-HR are great choices if you want a smaller crossover, and the price tag is relatively excellent. These two small SUVs are also very suitable for college women. The features offered are also the most recent.