Acura NSX Hybrid Sports Car Remains Popular Through 2022

2022 Acura NSX Hybrid Exterior

An internal Acura dealer webinar has revealed a leak about a chart that details some of the automaker’s product plans in the next couple of years. A noteworthy inclusion is the NSX that is represented as a part of the lineup until 2022.

The second generation of Acura NSX was introduced back in 2016. Last year, it received only a few minor updates. There are no changes expected for the 2021 model year. However, automotive enthusiasts can expect some updates in 2022 at the earliest.

But you should never expect a significant refresh or complete redesign because neither of them will likely happen. A report mentions that Acura NSX does not receive at least the same amount of attention as the rest of Acura’s lineup due to limited sales. And it is pretty obvious. The base price of this everyday supercar is $157,500. It is still relatively affordable compared to other exotic, mid-engine, high-performance supercar, the famous Audi R8.

2022 Acura NSX Hybrid Release Date

Acura sold only 238 units last year in the United States of America, down from 170. Supercars that cost a lot to produce and develop while selling in small quantities doesn’t represent a slam-dunk business case. So, it threatens its existence. In this case, the 2022 Acura NSX Hybrid can be said as an extreme example. Their last year’s sale is hardly said as a sales hit. Especially given the thought of how Porsche managed to sell almost 10,000 units of 911 precisely in the same year.

The best sales year of the second-generation NSX was back in 2017. Acura managed to sell 581 units in total. On the other hand, the best-selling Acura RDX luxury crossover sold 62,876 units in 2019. Even the ILX, Acura’s oldest model, was impressively sold at 14,685 units last year. The Point is the Acura NSX is still and will likely remain an ultra-niche model.

But somehow, the NSX will be around on the scene for at least 2 model years. Despite the small sales, automotive enthusiasts are curious about what updates that Acura is planning, whether the NSX will come in 2022 or later.

Rumors have it that the Type R with more than 600 horsepower and a spider variant are at work. Of the two, the spider variant will likely be realized but not guaranteed. The possibility of the next series of upgrades will be limited to suspension adjustments, ECU, wheel options, new colors, and probably several performance enhancements.

A representation from Acura mentioned that they have expressed Acura’s strong commitment to Precision Crafted Performance since the second generation of NSX had been launched. Though this presentation is purposed for Acura dealers is not all-encompassing or definitive, it shows that the automotive brand fulfills its promise step by step. It starts with the 2021 TLX.

This saying does not explain everything, yet it does not deny the idea that the NSX is in danger. Both the leak and Acura’s response don’t explain further whether we will see the much-rumored, higher-performance NSX Type R within two years.

2022 Acura NSX Hybrid does not deliver enough contribution to Acura’s profits to justify serious investments. However, the good news is that the NSX remains on the scene. It does not go anywhere. It is still helpful in bringing many customers and automotive enthusiasts to showrooms, such as any good refreshments and upgrades.

Many automotive enthusiasts have been hot and cold on the Acura NSX Hybrid since it was launched for the first time. In the beginning, many feel like this supercar could be more exotic, quicker, and sharper. The brand handled some of that concern by featuring fine-tuning as a part of a refresh last year. So, now the NSX feels more worth the price, more of a piece, and a real competitor in the supercar market.

As said before, it is such good news to know that the Acura NSX Hybrid will probably be on the scene a little longer. And many automotive enthusiasts are eager to know whatever the automotive brand has in mind for its latest sports car.