2024 VW Amarok: Engines, Prices, and Trim Levels

The second generation of the Volkswagen Amarok has officially debuted in four different versions, starting at a price of $50,000. Unfortunately, this small pickup truck will not come to the United States and is only available for the European, Australian, and African markets.

The new Amarok not only boasts a charismatic appearance but also stands out as an advanced work tool designed to meet various professional needs.

Thanks to its payload capacity of up to 1.19 tonnes and the ability to tow 3.5 tonnes, along with an even more functional cargo box, the new generation proves to be an invaluable companion for both work and recreational purposes.


2024 Volkswagen Amarok Redesign

The latest generation pickup features a charismatic and imposing front end. Albert Kirzinger, the creative mind behind this masterpiece, describes it as follows: “We’ve made significant changes to the Amarok archetype, resulting in a vehicle with unparalleled expressiveness and power.”

One can immediately notice this transformation, especially with the distinct vertical design of the bonnet, showcasing the distinctive DNA of the German manufacturer.

When it comes to lighting, the 2024 Amarok leaves no detail to chance. The LED headlights, standard on all versions, are strikingly integrated into the horizontal design of the radiator grille crosspieces.

The true gem, however, is the Matrix IQ.LIGHT LED headlights are exclusively available on the Aventura and Style variants. These not only provide high-quality road illumination but also give the vehicle a truly unique lighting design.

Upon closer inspection, the radiator grille stands out with its distinctive shape, combined with an additional horizontal front-level design. The 2024 Volkswagen Amarok Aventura, for example, features an X-shaped design, complemented by LED fog lights (standard starting from the Life trim level).

The distinctive elements don’t stop at the front; they extend along the entire side. The semi-circular wheel arches are a signature feature of the Amarok. Unlike many competitors, they have an almost straight top end, paired with light alloy wheels measuring up to 21 inches. To add a touch of robustness, the fenders are adorned with a synthetic material coating.

Finally, at the back, the Amarok logo takes center stage, positioned beneath the VW badge and spanning nearly the entire width of the tailgate. The expertly designed light clusters frame this area, extending deeply onto the sides. In the Aventura variant, you’ll find rear light clusters with a C-shaped design, exclusively crafted with LED technology.

Inside the Pickup Truck

Taking a closer look at the interior, it’s designed for those who want efficiency without sacrificing luxury. The dashboard’s ergonomics are meticulously crafted, offering a well-structured and clutter-free layout. You can see the resemblance to high-end SUVs, like Volkswagen’s Touareg, in both the visual and tactile quality of the materials.

New Volkswagen Amarok Interior

The standout features include an 8-inch Digital Cockpit, which expands to 12.3 inches in the Style version, and an infotainment system with a vertical touch display (either 10.1 or 12 inches, depending on the trim level).

Volkswagen has cleverly blended digital functions with user-friendly buttons and knobs. Features like all-wheel drive and various operating modes are controlled through physical buttons, some featuring a chrome finish, depending on the trim you select.

Music enthusiasts will be pleased with the 640W Harman Kardon audio system, a standard feature in the Aventura variant, delivering an exceptional sound experience.

In terms of comfort, the seats emphasize the vehicle’s premium positioning. The ergonomic front seats offer up to 10 electric adjustment options in the top versions. Meanwhile, the rear compartment of the DoubleCab provides ample space and comfort for three adults. Lastly, the Style trim boasts seats with central bands in fine ArtVelours microfleece.

Engines – Three Turbodiesel Options

Produced by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, this new pickup leaves no room for compromise. It comes with all-wheel drive as standard, setting it apart from many competitors that only offer rear-wheel drive.

What about power? Volkswagen has equipped this vehicle with up to three turbodiesel engines, ready to provide the necessary energy for any task, whether professional or personal.

Trim Levels

For those seeking even more choices, the new generation does not disappoint, offering four distinct trims: Amarok, Life, Style, and the top-of-the-range Aventura. Prices range from $50,000 to $77,000. Furthermore, the design was specifically tailored for a four-door pickup with a double cab (DoubleCab).

The German manufacturer chose not to compromise on dimensions. The new Amarok measures 5,350 mm in length, surpassing the previous generation by 96 mm. Even more noteworthy is the increase in the wheelbase, which now extends to 3,270 mm, marking a growth of 173 mm.

This development has two main effects: it provides ample space in the double cab, and since the wheelbase has increased more than the overall length, it has reduced the body overhangs.

However, these changes are not merely aesthetic. They give the new Amarok a more compact shape and significantly enhance its off-road capabilities. For instance, the approach and departure angles of the Amarok DoubleCab have increased, reaching 30° at the front and 26° at the rear.

Volkswagen has equipped the 2024 Volkswagen Amarok with a choice of three turbodiesel powertrains. At the top, we have the TDI V6, offering an output of 240 HP. This is followed by the 205 hp four-cylinder TDI, and as a basic option, the 170 hp TDI. Efficiency and high torque are the keywords when discussing the engine range of this German brand product.

Regarding the transmission, the 170 HP TDI is paired with a 6-speed manual gearbox. In contrast, both the 205 HP TDI and the more powerful 240 HP come equipped with an advanced 10-speed automatic transmission.

Payload & Towing Capacity

New Volkswagen Amarok

The new Volkswagen Amarok introduces innovative features and improvements compared to the previous version, solidifying the German brand’s leadership in the pickup sector.

In particular, there is a substantial increase in towing capacity. While all automatic variants of the pickup can tow up to 3.5 tonnes, the permissible overall weight for the vehicle and trailer combined has now reached a total of 6.5 tonnes, a significant upgrade from the 6 tonnes of the previous model. As for payload, the new double cab model boasts a capacity of 1.19 tonnes.

4Motion All-Wheel Drive is Standard

2024 Volkswagen Amarok Dimensions

The new Amarok comes equipped with 4Motion all-wheel drive as standard. Depending on the chosen engine, two variants of the 4Motion system are available. The first is a selectable all-wheel drive with three driving modes, while the second is designed for the top version and offers four modes.

The latter includes an additional fourth mode (4A) that ensures automatic power distribution between the front and rear axles via a multi-plate clutch. Further refinements are introduced with the option of a differential lock and intelligent Drive Modes.

The second-generation Volkswagen Amarok boasts an arsenal of more than 25 assistance systems to enhance comfort and safety. Over 20 of these, including the automatic distance control system, parking assistance, 360° view, and lane change assistant, are new and represent innovations on board the vehicle.

Volkswagen Offers Various Customization Options

Regarding customization options, the second generation of the vehicle offers light alloy wheels that can go up to 21 inches, while all-terrain tires are available up to 18 inches. There is, of course, no shortage of options for tow hooks, providing plenty of choices for those seeking versatility in a vehicle.

However, the innovation doesn’t stop there. The cargo box of the new Amarok is enriched with a range of accessories. Among these, we find a bicycle rack, various types of roll covers, and different versions of roll bars and sport bars. The latter, in particular, is exclusively reserved for the Aventura variant.

Finally, for those in search of additional functionality, the German manufacturer has once again provided a hard-top for the loading surface. With this accessory, the pick-up rises, almost transforming into an SUV, while maintaining the loading capacity typical of a van.