2022 VW Golf GTI Review; Specs, Fuel Economy, Price & Release Date

The 2022 VW Golf GTI will be the 8th generation of the Golf GTI model. We can say that the style of this model will be more evolutionary instead of revolutionary.

2022 VW Golf GTI Release Date & Price

This hatchback model is packed with much better performance and technology supports. The exterior design looks fresh with LED highlights with a sleeker design and the gaping lower grille with integrated fog lights.

2022 VW Golf GTI Price & Release Date

No matter how curious we are about what it will cost to get this new Golf GTI, we still have to be patient and wait a little bit longer. Yes, there is no specific information about the price of this product. However, when it releases in the U.S. in late 2021, we expect the new generation of Golf GTi will cost at least $30,000.

When it launches in the U.S. in late 2021, prices are expected to remain close to the current model’s $30,000


We cannot be prepared by considering the trim level types we want to buy because there is no information about it released yet. Nevertheless, this can be that the lineup of the trim levels will be quite similar to the available trim levels of the current version.

We cannot expect that it will cost the same as the current version for sure. It must be slightly more expensive than the current one. We can expect this, at least.

Engine Specs

Since we cannot talk further about the trim levels, we need to change our focus to another important element of the new Golf GTI. Of course, we cannot miss talking about the engine used by this new model. The power of the 2022 Golf GTI will come from the turbocharged four-cylinder engine with 2.0 liters of fuel capacity.

The engine will produce 241 horsepower. The power will be started from the front wheels, whether you choose the manual transmission with six speeds as a standard option or the dual-automatic transmission with seven speeds as the optional choice. Y

ou can find several drive modes that can be chosen, including the Comfort, Sport, Eco, and the Individual settings that can be customized. Those drive models will work with both powertrain choices.

You can choose to switch the adaptive dampers of the GTI between firmer and softer motions. We highly expect the 2022 Golf GTI to remain a fun drive to drive with a comfortable experience for everyday driving. This is the tradition that can be found on the previous hatchback, after all. 

2022 VW Golf GTI Turbo Engine

Fuel Economy

It is not true that we only pay attention to the performance and experience when driving the car, including the 2022 Golf GTI. Many people also pay attention to the fuel economy because it will affect the running cost, and more importantly, it will affect the environment.

Fuel Consumption isn’t yet rated, but we are sure the EPA rating matches the current number, around 24 mpg in the city and 32 mpg highway. 

2022 VW Golf GTI Interior Design

A truly modern design can be seen inside the 2022 VW Golf GTI. It does not mean that the design is completely modern because we love VW for its classic design.

Some traditional callbacks can also be found from the latest Golf GTI. Two large displays can be seen on the dashboard.

One display is the gauge cluster with 10.2 inches, while another is the touchscreen display with 10 inches. Both come with the bezel in the piano black color. You can find a set of air vents with slim sizes between the upper dashboard and the lower one.

You might feel a similar thing from the Audi models. The steering wheels of the Golf GTI come with three spokes that contour the rim heavily. The control is sensitive to the touch as well. Ambient lighting is used on the footwells, doors, and dash for illuminating the cabin.

The front seats are bolstered, and it comes with red accents and plaid inserts with an iconic look. Unfortunately, we do not have any idea yet about the cargo volume and the passenger space of the Golf GTI.

2022 VW Golf GTI Interior Pictures

Infotainment System

The infotainment system of the Golf GTI can be controlled through a ten-inch touchscreen that comes as a standard feature.

However, you cannot find more intuitive knobs and buttons because the infotainment system is mainly operated through sliders sensitive to touch.

The 2022 VW Golf GTI will also provide the latest remote services based on the app and built-in navigation systems.