2022 Honda Pilot Redesign, Interior, Specs & Release Date

2022 Honda Pilot SUV can become one of the most anticipated SUVs on the market. This Honda Pilot has its previous series that was released in 2020. It went pretty well on the market as it became a good competitor.

Thus, people are waiting for this next Honda Pilot. Will there be any dramatic changes? Well, there will be some changes; however, we are still waiting for the official updates.

2022 Honda Pilot Spied Images

So far, some leaked pictures from the trial and tests that viewers believed as Honda Pilot’s next generation. 


Judging from the leaked pictures, it is obvious that Honda is working on the next generation of Honda Pilot. It is believed that this is going to be a redesigned three-row crossover SUV. The three-row has been introduced in the previous series. However, it did not get released until 2022. Thus, this is a waiting time for everyone interested in a three-row SUV. 

Viewers stated that it is still too early to see the development of this Honda Pilot. However, some visible changes will happen to the new Honda Pilot. Here are what to expect from a new Honda Pilot.

What To Expect from the 2022 Honda Pilot?

Our focus will be on body change. The viewers believed that the body of the next generation would get bigger. They are sure that there will be some extra inches of length and also between the wheels. In other words, we can expect that there will be more space in the cabin. It will become more comfortable as you have more room in the cabin.

The parts of the SUV that will get the extra inches are the second and third-row seats. So, passengers of those rows will have cozier rooms and seatings. So, it is an improvement from the previous generation of the Honda Pilot. The cargo space will also have a few inches from the extra inches. The enlarged cabin will happen because a bigger and spacious cabin always wins people’s hearts.

We also expect that the interior of the cabin will have some changes. The quality of the materials can be something that will happen to the next Honda Pilot. It will also come with the newest manufacturer’s technology too. These are the things that you can expect to happen to the 2022 Honda Pilot.

2022 Honda Pilot Interior Pictures
2022 Honda Pilot Interior

Engine Specs & Performance 

The Honda Sensing suite of driver assistance will not be used anymore on this 2022 version. It will use the new model that will be able to handle any situation on the road. It will also use the new generation of the V6 engine. You can expect a more powerful engine and efficient units. We still cannot provide any deeper details because the official is still keeping it under the cover. 

Engine Type V6
Displacement3471 cc
Horsepower280 @ 6000 rpm
Torque262 lb-ft @ 4700 rpm
Fuel InjectionDirect

This Honda Pilot SUV will possibly come with the MPG and can deliver more than 300 horsepower energy. It will continue to use the all-wheel-drive system, and it will use a nine-speed automatic transmission. However, there is still no valid confirmation if the New Pilot will be available in the PHEV Model.

Fuel Economy

MPG in City20
MPG in Highway27
MPG Combined24

2022 Honda Pilot Price & Release Date

This Honda Pilot SUV will have some upgrades and also uses the latest technology. Thus, you should expect a higher price for this series than the previous one.

The estimation of this car price will start at around $33,370 for the entry-level LX. As we can see, at least it has a $600 jump from the previous series price. There will be some changes to the special edition as well.

  • LX: $33,370 (est)
  • EX: $35,000 (est)
  • EX-L: $39,000 (est)
  • Special Edition: $39,300 (est)
  • Touring: $43,200
  • Elite: $49,000 (est)
  • Black Edition: $50,200 (est)

This midsize family SUV is expected to hit the market in late 2021 as the 2022 model year. This SUV will compete with tough rivals such as 2021 Acura MDX, Chevy Traverse, Dodge Durango, Ford Explorer, and Hyundai Santa Fe.


This Honda Pilot SUV will be a decent competitor because it has nice features and a bigger cabin. As we know, that SUV is always a good option for a daily family car, especially if you live in the states. It will be good to use for a long driving trip as well. This time it will have a three-row that will give more room for your family.

Going on the trip will no longer be boring because you can sit comfortably and enjoy the entertainment. This car is also on our list of the best SUVs with 3rd-row seating. There will be more updates for the next few months from Honda regarding the release of this new SUV. You will soon find out more details about this 2022 Honda Pilot.