2022 Ford Mustang AWD: Everything We Know So Far

2022 Ford Mustang AWD Release Date

The Ford Mustang can be considered one of the most beloved muscle cars. Every generation of the Ford Mustang is offered with the latest update. Now, we are waiting for the seventh generation of this muscle car. It will be an all-new Ford Mustang, which means we will find the new powertrain and new platform from this model. It is also said that the 2022 Ford Mustang AWD with hybrid technology will be coming to Europe. What about North America?

Mustang First Hybrid AWD Powertrain

If you are waiting for the newest muscle car from Ford, you will be delighted that you might be able to witness the all-new Mustang since the company is preparing to introduce the new version in 2022. The new model will be special because it is offered with the first hybrid and all-wheel-drive powertrain.

In 2017, the company filed a patent for a twin motor drive system applied for a hybrid vehicle. It came with further detail about this, after all. It is a V8 engine that is used for pumping out the power to the rear axle. Two electric motors are mounted opposing the engine for powering the front wheel.

With this kind of setup, the torque of Acura NSX style vectoring is potential. It can close the gap between the muscle car from Ford and the rivals from foreign production.

Powertrain Choice for the Purists

 The rumor about the Ford Mustang with the hybrid engine and all-wheel-drive specification sounds great for people concerned about the environment.

The hybrid engine will reduce the emission while you can enjoy the powerful performance of this muscle car. Nevertheless, there will always be the purists who stick to the old way. They prefer fossil fuels for running muscle cars.

That is why we can assume that the new Ford Mustang will not only be offered with the hybrid V8 engine. The Ford Mustang’s hybrid engine might be offered alongside the regular V8 engine, not the electric version. It is also a strong possibility that Ford will also offer the four-cylinder EcoBoost engine as the entry-level choice. 

2022 Ford Mustang AWD Specs

Not the Mach-E

People are waiting for the 2022 Ford Mustang all-wheel drive, especially because you can find the electrified Mustang. Nevertheless, it is not the first time we are given the electrified Mustang, not the Mach-E.

Some reports about the hybrid Mustang should be released sooner than 2022 alongside the hybrid pickup F-150 model. However, this plan was delayed because of the Mach-E electric crossover release. Well, at least people get the promise that Ford will release the Ford Mustang with a hybrid engine that comes with V8 power and the torque that is even more low-end.

The electric engine variant is not the only plan offered in the future. Ford also prepares the pony car with the same platform as the new Explorer since this SUV offers a hybrid engine.

No Concrete Sources

We might have our hopes up. We cannot wait for the Ford Mustang’s hybrid version, especially since it also has the all-wheel-drive specification. Although we can hear the news from a trustable website, the all-new Ford Mustang report is not completed with any concrete source. We cannot find the quote about the upcoming electrified muscle car by Ford.

Yes, Ford does not release any official statement about the hybrid Ford Mustang release yet, so all we can do is wait. Because of the current pandemic situation, the near plane of the hybrid muscle car release might be rescheduled.

What do you think about the hybrid Ford Mustang with a V8 engine? Are you excited about this rumor? Some people might be super excited by this great news. Or would you like the all-electric version better? Nevertheless, some people might worry that the new platform of the rumored Ford Mustang might increase the size and the weight of the Ford Mustang.

You do not want to affect the Ford Mustang’s overall performance since this muscle car is all about performance. Although the hybrid muscle car sounds nice, some of you might also think that you prefer the classic gas-fuelled muscle car better.

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