2022 BMW X8 M, a Powerful 750-Horsepower Hybrid SUV

The Next 2022 BMW X8 M will have a powerful V8 gasoline engine combined with a 200hp electric motor. That’s combination brings power up to 750 Horsepower and 737 lb-ft of torque.

BMW is an automotive company that always creates innovation in its products. After launching the BMW X7 in 2019, BMW plans to launch its new product, the 2022 BMW X8 M. It will be called ‘Rockstar.’

This new car is ready to test drive shortly. The Bavarian premium car manufacturer makes some innovations in this brand new car. The clue is this new car will be more luxurious than the previous BMW X7.

2022 BMW X8 M 750 Hp Hybrid SUV

Engine Specs – 750 Hp Hybrid

BMW designs this new car as a luxurious and powerful car. It has up to 750 horsepower in it. It is the most potent and ultimate plug-in-hybrid manifestation. This is the innovation that BMW puts to X8. Its torque output is 737 pound-feet (1,000 Nm). Those are the first specifications that come early this month.

Those specifications already show how powerful it will be. BMW will launch X8 first, then the X8 M series after that. BMW will provide X8 M with a 4.4-liter V8 engine. This is a kind of high-performance luxury SAC. This car will be the most powerful M model in BMW history, although BMW has not released the complete specification of X8 M.

With this powerful engine, this car can dash for 0-100 km/hour for about 5.6 seconds. Its highest speed is 235 km/hour with its hybrid engine. If it is only using the electric motor, it can only reach 135 km/hour. With a fully charged battery, this car can go 87 km far.

As this is a hybrid car, at a low speed, the electric motor works well. This is the first hybrid car for the M model. It also has an eight-speed automatic gearbox as the standard feature in this new car.

2022 BMW X8 M Redesign Exterior & Interior

There is no specific information about the design of the New X8 M. BMW still keeps a particular design of its brand new car.

Some people predict that the design will not be like X6 or X7. It will be more luxurious and different. It will complete the lineup of the BMW X series.

Some dimensional parts may be similar to the previous X6 and X7. Some people also predict that this new X8 M is a model of luxury SUV with lowered M sport suspension so that it will look hunkered down, complete with big wheels.

Another hit for the exterior of this BMW SUV is that it has a swept-back roofline. It makes the smaller space for rear windows. It also affects the interior. It seems that you will have a little room for the back seat.

You can have two people of 6 feet height in a small space in the rear seat. That will affect the trunk space. But, you can fold down the back seat to have the bigger trunk space.

2022 BMW X8 M Interior Concept

2022 BMW X8 Release Date & Price

Since there is information about the upcoming 2022 BMW X8 M, people start to search for the details about this car.

They want to be the first person who can have this car. This car will be released Non-M X8 series first in late 2021. The M model will be released after that. It will be the most expensive model that BMW ever produced. The Price should be around For the 2022 BMW X8; the Price will be about $150,000 for the standard X8 and $200,000 for the Powerful X8 M.

Those are reasonable if we see the performance, interior, and exterior design that BMW has already prepared. 

We should wait for the official release of this 2022 BMW X8 M. BMW will explain more about the specification, the design, and exact Price of those new luxurious SUVs.

This will show that BMW can always compete against other automotive companies. Finally, BMW will release the 2022 BMW X8 M that will rival the Audi RS Q8 that will be released at the end of this year.

People will compare those two cars, in the end, to find which car is more valuable and luxurious between them. We will see future BMW X8 M fits our expectations or beyond our expectations. Let’s wait until BMW releases the X8 at the end of 2021 and 2022 BMW X8 M after that, and I believe X8 M is one of the best future SUVs worth waiting for.