2022 Bentley Bacalar Review; too Pretty to Handle

It first appeared in early March 2020, 2022 Bentley Bacalar comes as a form of brand exclusivity, this luxury car is made by hand, and only 12 units are available worldwide.

I want to have a sports car. However, It is very inefficient to have it in my country because of the hot climate. Not just that, a traffic jam is also annoying.

2022 Bentley Bacalar Availability

Meanwhile, I still want one even though I have to move to another country. But, all of it is just a dream. I can’t even afford to buy a regular car for daily stuff. Okay, let get to the topic.

Bentley just released another fancy car. This one is unique because they are limited production. Well, it is called the 2022 Bentley Bacalar. So, in this article, we will talk about it. 

2022 Bentley Bacalar Price

Bacalar is the most expensive car they ever produced. Not just that, the features are luxurious too. For the price, it was 1.9 million US dollars. That is a lot of money. I don’t think that I could afford it unless my dad is a billionaire. Even if my dad is a billionaire, I’m going to produce my car instead. An advanced military-grade vehicle, such as BatMobile in my garage, will be much more worthy than a sports car. 

2022 Bentley Bacalar Review

Limited production

Since the 2022 Bentley Bacalar is the most expensive sports car that Bentley has ever produced, the price of making this car is no joke. So, they probably decided to make it ‘limited’ production. Yeah, Bentley only made 12 units of this car. That is very few. So, for a collector of sports cars, this Bentley Bacalar is very worth buying. Well, maybe because they only made it 12 units, and that makes it worth keeping. No matter how expensive the car is. Well, I am no collector, so this isn’t very helpful for me, though.

No-Roof car

Well, since I was a kid, I always got car sickness. Well, just getting near the engine, I could vomit. So, when I was a kid, I asked my dad if he ever planned to buy a car, please buy the one without the roof. 

Well, Bentley Bacalar was designed to be a No-Roof car. The design of the EXP 100 GT inspired it. The exterior panels were made differently, and the only shared component is the car door handle.

Inspired by Continental GT, Bentley Bacalar also used an entry system without keys. The rear Clamshell and the front deck were made of aluminum. Meanwhile, the doors and wings were made of carbon fiber. 

Pure silicon dioxide paint

From the picture, we can notice that Bentley Bacalar is painted yellow. A Yellow Flame, to be exact. Bentley said that the pigment is silicon dioxide platelets that are produced synthetically with iron oxide layers. The process used rice husk ashes to make 90% of pure silicon dioxide paint.

Every Bacalar was built based on the customer’s preferences since the production is limited to 12 units. This includes rare paint options, additional exterior treatments, and design themes. Well, Bentley offers the customer three designs, and they are Classic, Collections, and Coachbuilt. Still, we can ask them to change it based on our preferences. 

The cockpit was custom-made.

For the cabin, Mulliner created a memorable and custom-made cockpit. It shows the cover design that flows from the center of the console to the dashboard. Bentley’s fancy and luxurious beluga skin was sewn carefully with a legacy semi-gloss leather and natural wool. Unique leather straps made the car door handles. All 12 units of Bentley Bacalar will get graphics for the digital instrument panels and the key fob. 

2022 Bentley Bacalar Review Interior Features

The engine can spit out 659 PS.

In the sector of powertrain, Bacalar is powered by the famous Twin-Turbo W12 6.0 engine. It can spit out 659 PS and 900 Nm torque. It also has a dual-clutch transition, Dynamic Ride 48V System, air suspension, and a sophisticated AWD. With that, Bentley Bacalar can speed up from zero to 96 kilometers per hour in 3,5 seconds. Meanwhile, the maximum speed claimed can touch 321 kilometers per hour. 

As summary, the 2022 Bentley Bacalar is a limited sportscar. The Bentley only produced 12 units of this car. For the price, Bacalar is worth $1.9 million. This car is worth buying if you are a collector of a sports car.