2021 Tesla Pickup Truck, All You Need to Know | Specs, Price & More

Tesla Cybertruck Electric Pickup Review

So you are interested in the 2021 Tesla pickup truck. It’s no secret that Tesla is going to hit the market with an all-electric truck.

This car is supposed to be revealed in the next season. The current design we saw on the internet is probably not the final production.

It means there is enough time for the automaker to change the pickup again before its official unveils on the market.

But, any spy shots of this new pickup are probably close to the final production-spec model. Now the question is: what can we expect from this brand new Tesla pickup?

Unluckily, information on this upcoming Tesla pickup isn’t clear yet. But, there are probably several different versions that offer diverse battery packs. And there must be more expensive trim levels that offer more power and features. Without further ado, here’s everything we’ve got so far.

2021 Tesla Pickup Truck Specs and Features

Many believe that the new pickup truck from Tesla will carry up to six people, including the driver. Besides, it is expected to have a variety of between 400 to 500 miles or even more than that. The higher range is supposed to have a bigger battery pack as well.

According to the popular rumors, all the forthcoming Tesla pickup models are most likely to incorporate a dual-motor setup and all-wheel drive. Because the battery pack is integrated into the truck’s floor, it may have a shallow gravity center. Thus, the off-road ability can be counted on too.

It is said that the new 2021 Tesla pickup truck can tow up to 135,000 kg or 300,000 pounds. But we haven’t got further details about it. We guess that the car will have ample torque to carry on this much mass. But, the battery may run out quickly this way.

Even this claim is quite too much, we believe that Tesla will equip its brand-new pickup with a greater towing ability than its rivals. Not only dependable to tow, but the new Tesla pickup is also claimed to offer on-road performance like a Porsche 911.

2022 Tesla Cybertruck Interior Images

2021 Tesla Pickup Truck Prices and Release Date

When it comes to price, we cannot be so sure about it since the automaker hasn’t revealed anything about the rate yet. We don’t know whether the cheapest trim level will cost $49,000 or less. This is because its competitors like Ford F-150 costs around $36,000 for the base version.

It is safe to say that the cost will be as much as a well-equipped truck we see on the market today. But, it may offer cooler features than the traditional rivals have. The automaker may have released a teaser for this upcoming pickup truck, but its debut date has been unveiled yet.

To conclude, the upcoming Tesla pickup is expected to be the big news in a luxurious truck segment. It is supposed to offer cool features and cutting-edge technologies. There’s no doubt that the vehicle can be counted on to help our daily needs. That’s all everything we got so far about the 2021 Tesla Pickup Truck.