2021 Subaru Baja Rumors; it’s Subaru Truck Really Coming Back?

New Generations Subaru Baja

2021 Subaru Baja continues to become another affordable pickup truck on the market. Lately, there is no new compact vehicle that appears like a pickup truck. While some popular options like Ford F-150 and Chevy Silverado are not exactly compact, small trucks like Ranchero and El Camino are no longer available.

To meet the needs of truck enthusiasts who like to get smaller pickups, Subaru Baja is offered. This compact pickup truck has a sporty body and a great performance. Despite the limited advertising, we cannot deny that Subaru Baja is one of the best pickup trucks out there.

While many people love to have a big truck, most of them come in a high quote. As a result, a small, compact truck can be a great solution for some buyers. Other automakers are currently planning to create a mini or compact truck. For the details about the new Subaru Baja, check this out!

2021 Subaru Baja Rumors and Redesigns

The upcoming Subaru Baja is expected to ride on a new platform. Moreover, it is supposed to feature a big AWD system from Subaru as well. As a result, it can be a versatile pickup truck that can run on a range of roads, conditions, and weather.

The new Subaru Baja will make a good option for buyers who love to do outdoor activities. When it comes to performances, this vehicle is predicted to offer a single-engine only. In this case, it should be a 2.5L four-cylinder unit that can deliver 173 horsepower.

A five-speed manual gearbox supports the engine of 2021 Subaru Baja. Nevertheless, there is also a source that indicates the new Baja will offer another turbocharged unit. Here, the turbocharged model should be able to generate up to 210 horsepower. But, the rumors haven’t been confirmed yet.

Different from a full-size pickup truck, the new Baja is ideal for towing smaller items only. If you use it to tow bigger items, you may need to sacrifice the performance. Even with the automatic feature, the upcoming Baja is expected to hit 60mph in 7.3 seconds only.

New Subaru Baja Truck Release Date

2021 Subaru Baja Prices and Lease Deals

The Subaru Baja may offer smaller cargo capacity compared to a full-size pickup truck. However, it is dependable enough to help you with a daily life scenario. Interestingly, there is also an additional bed extender if you want to enlarge the space and store more items together.

For the price, the new Subaru Baja is currently offered between $23,000 and $28,000. The price can depend on the engine and features you’d like to include. If you want to lease this pickup truck, the 2021 Baja hasn’t been released yet. So, it would help if you waited a little longer to figure out.

All in all, Subaru Baja is one of the best compact-sized pickup trucks available on the market these days. This pickup truck is dependable despite its smaller size compared to a full-size pickup. That’s what we’ve got so far about the next 2021 Subaru Baja.