2021 Nissan X Trail Redesign, Specs, Release Date & Price

2021 Nissan X Trail Specs

2021 Nissan X Trail is considered as one of the most anticipated compact crossover SUVs on the upcoming market. This new vehicle is expected to become another desirable car that offers an excellent quantity of changes. This upcoming X Trail may get some notable updates that many enthusiasts have predicted.

The type of engine offered is expected to gain some changes. A hybrid unit will probably be introduced in this upcoming vehicle. It will offer an option for a more powerful model in the lineup. The design and features may receive some new updates as well.

Aside from the fresh exterior design, the new X Trail may come with the upgraded cabin. Many rumors stated that the car is under the development to be released in the US market later. Read on to learn further about the details of this upcoming Nissan X Trail.

2021 Nissan X Trail Redesign and Concept

The upcoming Nissan X Trail is expected to be one of the most enjoyable models from the automaker. It will be another strong crossover on the market. It may come with a fresh grille and other exterior elements might be updated too. The design should be exceptionally stylish for sure.

The cabin should be equipped with lots of essential things too. The design should be impressive and boasts a contemporary look. In addition to the all-natural leather materials, there should be top-quality products used throughout the cabin. Overall, the interior may look simple, yet very elegant in some cases.

When we are talking about the new 2021 Nissan X Trail, it may come with a 2.0L engine which delivers 145 horsepower and 160 lb-ft of torque. Some rumors predicted that the model will be available in a 2.4L engine as well. This is supposed to be more satisfying than the base unit.

The power will be delivered to the wheels through a CVT process. Then, it is expected to deliver a powerful performance. The safety and tech features offered by the new X Trail are not confirmed yet. But, we can look forward to a long list of standard features from this new X Trail.

2021 Nissan X Trail Price and Release Date

Unfortunately, information about its price and release date hasn’t been confirmed yet. But, we assume that the price for this forthcoming X Trail will be around $24,000. It will be a great rival for Mazda CX-5 or even Hyundai Tucson. Then, when should the new X Trail hit the market?

Despite the lack of official information, we can say that the car will come as a 2021 model and be released in late 2020 or early 2021. It will be a fantastic bargain for a new SUV, so you can wait for this car to be released.

All in all, the upcoming Nissan X Trail is expected to be a great car for everyone seeking a reliable crossover these days. It is expected to come with some minor changes only. Then, the best least deals will be available once the new 2021 Nissan X Trail is unveiled officially.