2021 Lexus GX 460 Redesign, Release Date & Price

The new model for 2021 Lexus GX 460 offers many upgrades from its predecessor. The vehicle still uses the codename of GX 460 or J150. It’s still maintaining the same chassis design from Land Cruiser Prado. Because of that, it has impeccable Off-road capability that derived from Toyota land cruiser. It has many identical components, like the engine and chassis, but the details are far different.

2021 Lexus GX 460 Redesign Exterior & Interior

The grill clearly indicates that it’s a Lexus. The new design looks more futuristic and elegant than the previous model. Triple beam LED headlight also makes the car looks bold. While the L shaped running light brings the elegant curve to wrap the facia as a smooth line. Its 19-inch aluminum wheels are wrapped in a highly flared fenders. The overall outlook of this car is bold and yet smooth, just like its tagline, rugged meets refined.

Interior Updates

The refreshed model is now utilizing gray Sapele wood instead of mahogany for the trim. The new Rioja red upholstery with a black headliner is also available as an option. Some of the control is still in analog. Buttons and knobs give more practicality than the digital user interface. It’s also clearly labeled, so it’s not that confusing compared to digital control.

Engine Specs

The engine equipped in this 2021 Lexus GX is the 4.6 Liters V8 1UR-FE. It’s tuned for 301 horsepower and 328 lb-ft torque, potent enough for an SUV. The torque peaks low in 3500 rpm, indicating great drivability. It also means that the torque is great enough to tow up to 6500 lbs. The big torque is also a great benefit when off-roading.

Unfortunately, for these great power figures come from a thirsty engine. The fuel consumption is about 15 mpg in the city, 18 mpg on the highway, and 16 combined. It’s not bad compared to the older model, but it is still hard to compete toward SUV with a smaller turbocharged engine.

Another key feature that makes this car is an off-road beast is the 4wd system. The transfer case is equipped with electronic management. 4-Lo gearing also eases the driver to drive in the offroad condition. Moreover, a multi-terrain select traction system regulates the power delivery to minimize slip on various surface conditions beneath the terrain. These digital features mean nothing if the transmission is overheating. So, an oil cooler is also attached to keeps the transmission healthy. The long off-road trip is possible with the ideal transmission temperature. The skid plate also protects from the gravel thrown by the tire spin.

Dynamic Suspension System

Furthermore, the kinetic Dynamic Suspension System keeps the car on level position despite the terrain. The adaptive suspension has three modes, comfort, normal, and sport settings. The rigid chassis contributes to the good ride and handling characteristics.

The comfort mode really puts the driver and passenger on a pleasant ride. For a slightly curvy road, it really works perfectly. But for a more severely bumpy road, the input to the suspension is responded late. While on the highway, sport mode enables the driver to be more connected to the car. The driver could connect to the car well and feel the road. The stiff suspension minimizes the dive, roll, pitch and squat as much as possible. Despite it’s designed for off road in its DNA, the road capability is quite well too.

2021 Lexus GX 460 Release Date, Price & Lease Deals

we expect this luxury SUV to be available in the market by the end of 2020. The base price starts at $53,000. There is a 0 down payment option with a $350 lease for 46 months. With that price, 2021 Lexus GX is really a great price to performance option with great reliability