2021 Infiniti Q70 Release Date, Specs & Pricing

2021 Infiniti Q70 Redesign Exterior & Interior

2021 Infiniti Q70 is something that no one knows about considering the 2020 models are not being released yet. However, some magazines and sources claimed that the 2021 models might appear even though we still do not know when to expect the new series of the Q70.

There are several types of Q70 offered under the 2019 models. If you consider having a sedan with a lot of character then you should take a look at the Q70 5.6 Luxe. This type is an AWD model and packed with tons of active safety features. Those include read cross-traffic alert and blind-spot monitoring.

This type also comes with the sport package that allows you to feel the experience of driving on larger wheels. To compromise the ride quality, the Q70 5.6 Luxe is equipped with a stiffer suspension.

2021 Infiniti Q70 Design & Features

We cannot give any sneak peek features about the 2021 Infiniti Q70 considering there are still no signs or news about the car. However, we will tell you about how we feel about the latest series of Q70 that was just released. Some features may only be expected for the 2020 model that we also have no idea about it yet.

Talking about the new things, as we have mentioned earlier, Infiniti seems to be a company that will give major changes to each model they release. It also happens to the latest version of Q70. The 2019 model is part of the Q70 first generation introduced back then in 2014.

Talking about the shape and the overall look, this car looks pretty athletic and its V8 engine provides a strong acceleration during the test. The car also comes out with a big size of a cabin that allows passengers to have comfortable seats.

2021 Infiniti Q70l Interior Concept

However, this car has several not-so-good things that should be fixed like right away if they intend to release a new version next year or so. Its infotainment interface is clunky and dated, which is not comfortable at all. Many driver assistance features only available in the upgraded series. If you purchase the standard model, you will not get those kinds of features.

Even though it is considered comfortable to ride, its 20-inch wheels kind of make it suffers a bit. Also, the storage inside the cabin is very limited for small items only. You will not be able to store big stuff inside this car. Some things we have mentioned should be a good consideration for the manufacturer if a new version of Q70 is going to be made or launched anytime soon.

2021 Infiniti Q70 Price and Release Date

We have no idea when the 2021 Infiniti Q70 would be released considering the 2020’s models are not released yet as well. The price is also yet to be announced for the same reason. However, some sources claim that the 2021 model would come out as a stunning car with a sophisticated look and features. The starting price might be around USD 56,000. Hopefully, the design and technology adopted would be much more interesting and advanced.