2021 Honda Vezel Redesign, Hybrid, Specs, Price & Release Date

2021 Honda Vezel Redesign

In the Eastern market, the upcoming 2021 Honda Vezel becomes a hot topic lately. This car would either come with a new generation model or become a discontinued model. Some reported that the car would discontinue in several countries including Argentina, Turkey, and the UK.

Then, how is the future of this Vezel in the Canadian and American markets? Well, Honda Vezel is better known Honda HR-V on the market and currently, there is no rumor about discontinuation here. This means crossover enthusiasts are still capable to expect new things from Vezel.

This subcompact crossover SUV was initially announced to the Japanese market in 2013. Then, it hit the North American market at the New York International Auto Show in the following year. It debuted under the name of HR-V on the market.

The Honda Vezel redesign was previously based on the automaker’s Global Compact Series that involved some other names such as Honda Fit and Honda City. Honda Vezel or as known as HR-V came as a luxurious vehicle with a grand appearance and compact dimension.

2021 Honda Vezel Redesign Exterior & Interior

It’s no secret that Vezel has a lot of reputable rivals on the market. Nissan Juke and Jeep Renegade are some of the biggest rivals of Vezel nowadays. That’s why many suggest that Honda will make the upcoming Vezel more attractive to compete with these rivals.

Outside, we should expect some major advancement in several parts of the new Vezel. There is a possibility that the new Vezel show something new at the front-end fascia. Thus, it would come with a nice hood that attracts more modern buyers.

The new Vezel should come with a variety of color choices as well. Just like the Next Generation Honda HRV 2021, the upcoming Vezel may include new colors like Milano Red, Glistening Azure Pearl, Metallic, Crystal Black, and some others.

You shouldn’t expect a combination of color in the exterior. You will better look forward to a robust and bold appearance of the new Vezel. Equipped with remarkable 17-inch wheels, the new Honda Vezel is supposed to appeal more buyers with its reliable look.

2021 Vezel Interior and Features

How is the interior of this upcoming Vezel? Of course, the cabin inside this new Vezel should offer a selection of important safety features to assist the drivers and passengers. Infotainment features must be advanced as well to increase fun and comfort during a trip.

The top trims of the new Vezel must have a natural leather interior to increase the luxurious feel inside the cabin. There could be solar energy panels featured in the upcoming Vezel as well. Then, the front console of this new Vezel should be well-equipped too.

The 2021 Honda Vezel is expected to provide a more spacious interior as well. The second-row seats are just as well-equipped the front-row. They are also very flexible to ease you manage the condition of the seats depending on what needed.

2021 Honda Vezel Interior Updates

If it once again applies the Tokyo Auto Salon concept, there is a possibility that the interior involves red leather upholstery at the dashboard, center console, and seats. The Vezel may come with various additional accessories as well to fit the concept.

Since it has just received major facelifts for the existing model year, this 2021 Vezel may not offer big improvements in terms of interior. You might only get more standard features like a smartphone-support system that has been so much popular nowadays.

Engine Specs & Hybrid Options

Different from its exterior and interior that may not receive significant changes, the engine of this upcoming Vezel is expected to offer something new. The automaker is probably adding power to this car so that the Honda Vexel review can get better this year.

The engine is expected to deliver something between 300 and 500. It would be a reliable engine and is different from the current model. The powertrain specification of the existing Civic could be a reference to expect what’s under the Vezel’s hood.

A turbocharged engine is not impossible to be announced in the upcoming model year. But, whatever the type of engine would be used in the car, it should be dependable and powerful. Then, it would be paired with a 7-speed automatic transmission.

For the hybrid version, it may continue to use the hybrid X engine package that is paired with a 4WD system and features Honda H1 electric motor. This hybrid version of Vezel is capable to generate 130 horsepower and 115 lb-ft of power torque.

2021 Honda Vezel Release Date, Price, and Lease Deals

Then, when will be the Honda Vezel 2021 release date? Rumors said that the upcoming Vezel should hit the market in the middle of 2021 or late 2020. However, we still need to wait for the automaker’s confirmation related to the next generation of the Vezel.

When it comes to its price, the cost to park the new Vezel in your garage may increase since it tends to have a new engine. It would be probably around $27,000 to get the base version of the upcoming Vezel.

If you want to lease the car, currently the existing Vezel continues with the identical promotional deals. In case you need the car right now, the 2019 Vezel is available for a $189 lease per month on the LX trim.

In conclusion, the forthcoming Honda Vezel would be a hot topic once it hits the market next year. This is mostly because the new Vezel may offer a brand new engine. So, let’s wait for the official reveal of this 2021 Honda Vezel.