2021 Honda Prelude Rumors and Updates | Specs, Release Date, Price

2021 Honda Prelude Concept Pictures Leaked

Any auto enthusiasts would be glad to welcome 2021 Honda Prelude to hit the market. Having been on the market for many years, Honda Prelude is surely something amazing to talk about. This is especially interesting because the last Prelude was released in 2001.

The first generation of Prelude was announced to the public in 1978 and the production of this car lasted until 2001. After going for a hiatus several years, Honda finally gave a signal for this legendary model to come back to the market.

Of course, Honda will introduce something new to this upcoming Prelude. This brand new Prelude is expected to have exclusive exhaust and load with a variety of practical features. The design is supposed to be modern and stylish as well.

You can expect the fresh version of the late Prelude since the overall Honda Prelude 2021 concept would be completely different. It makes sense since the last Prelude has been on the market for more than a decade at this time.

2021 Honda Prelude Design Concept – Exterior & Interior

When it comes to the exterior, the forthcoming Prelude should be more stylish than before. It was claimed that the material used in the next Prelude exterior would be more dependable to suit the modern-day automobile. Thus, everyone can expect something classy from this new Prelude.

It is supposed to utilize contemporary lightweight materials as well to make sure its efficiency. Thus, in some cases, you may find it a bit similar to other modern vehicles on the market nowadays. Everything in the new Prelude is designed with cutting edge technology in mind.

The top veil, grille, and other parts of the new Prelude are expected to convey something remarkable. Then, the wheels must be over 19-inch with outstanding design. Then, how is the Honda Prelude 2021 interior? Just like the exterior, you could expect more from Prelude’s interior.

2021 Honda Prelude Interior Features

It was reported that the new Prelude will be more spacious than its past models. The finish of Prelude’s interior was brought to the next level by Honda. Everything about the new interior of Prelude will help anyone feel comfortable as they travel in the car.

Honda Prelude 2021 Infotainment and Safety Features

In addition to the grand interior, there should be a well-equipped list of features in this Honda Prelude 2021. Just like many other luxurious vehicles, the new Prelude features an 8-inch infotainment display and a huge variety of key controls to ease you.

One of the exclusive features offered by the upcoming Prelude is climate control. It helps you conveniently travel with this Prelude. You can also look forward to smartphone-support features, wireless Bluetooth, and other features that promote ultra-comfort in the car.

In terms of safety, the 2021 Honda Prelude also offers a long list of available features. These features will make sure both drivers and passengers safe while riding the car. Each seat in the new Prelude will be equipped with straps as well.

All safety procedures in the upcoming Prelude work properly. The airbag and sign recognition feature would always be there to keep you safe while traveling in this car. Along with the infotainment features, riding the new Prelude would indeed improve your driving experience.

Honda Prelude 2021 Engine Variants

Under the hood, the brand new Prelude must offer something more powerful than its predecessors. Even though everything under the hood is mostly such a rumor, many see a perfect engine for this new Prelude. A 3.5L V6 engine is mostly suggested for the upcoming Prelude.

However, some also suggested that the new Prelude will be armed with a 2.L turbocharged VTEC engine that could deliver 300 horsepower. Considering these Honda Prelude 2021 specs, potential buyers will indeed be spoiled by its robust performance and speed.

When it comes to transmission, the new Prelude may either come with a 6-speed automatic gearbox or an 8- to 10-speed automatic gearbox. As a result, power would be effectively delivered to this new Prelude without too much fuel being spent.

There is also a possibility that the new Prelude offers a turbo-4 1.5L engine that could generate up to 200 horsepower. It this engine comes true, another variant offered would be a Turbo-4 2.0L electrical engine that could deliver 300 horsepower.

For this possibility, power would be delivered through a 6-speed automated gearbox. However, apart from the engine, the automaker would make the most of its powertrain. You can surely wait for something powerful from the new Prelude under its hood.

2021 Honda Prelude Release Date & Price

Now, when is the New Honda Prelude release date? Some reports said that the new Prelude would be available on the market at the beginning of 2021. However, at the time of writing, the automaker hasn’t given any official statement about the release of this new Prelude.

Moreover, the expected price of the Prelude base version is starting at $33,000. At this point, the upcoming Prelude will be a major rival for Toyota 86, Subaru BRZ, and Hyundai Veloster. So, let’s wait if the new Prelude could compete with them.

If you are here for the best lease deals info, it might be too early since the upcoming Prelude is not announced yet. You may need to wait until the automaker announces it officially next year. But, you can refer to the used version of Prelude first too.

In conclusion, the legendary Honda Prelude is expected to come back with a brand new style and performance. The 2021 Prelude would have revised exterior, interior, and features after its hiatus for more than a decade. So, let’s wait for this 2021 Honda Prelude!


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