2021 Honda Insight – Hybrid, Redesign, Release Date & Price

2021 Honda Insight Redesign Front Angle New Headlamp and Grill

2021 Honda Insight might not be officially unveiled to the market today. But, the rumors and news related to its release have been available here and there. It’s no secret that the upcoming Insight will become another interesting vehicle from this Japanese brand.

It was several months ago that the automaker signaled about registering the hybrid version of Insight. Different from other popular models of hybrid and electric vehicles nowadays, the upcoming Insight has that bold look. You should expect modern headlights and LEDs on this new Honda Insight.

The profile of this upcoming vehicle is highly different from other Honda models. But, we cannot deny that the new Insight shares some identical characters with the 2021 Civic. One of the similarities between the new Insight and Civic could be seen from its glass lines.

For those wondering about the new Honda Insight prices, it might be not far from the upcoming 2021 Toyota Prius. But, let’s reveal the exact price of this new Insight later. Now, let’s learn more about the interior, engine, and other elements of this upcoming Honda Insight.

2021 Honda Insight Redesign Exterior & Interior

At first glance, the Honda Insight would feel familiar since it has a similar concept to the Civic sedan with a little charm of the current Accord. For the upcoming update, you may look forward to Insight’s new style and appearance.

Instead of the traditional built car, the new Insight would show up something more modern that resembles the Accord. This idea makes the new Insight look so much more fantastic, especially thanks to its unique grille that locates in a similar position to a coupe.

The wheelbase of this upcoming Insight is indeed identical to the Civic and Accord. The overall exterior of Insight indeed hints at high quality. Inside, the Honda Insight concept would be as exclusive as other vehicles with a spacious cabin for comfy traveling.

Since the hybrid battery of this Insight is placed within the back end sitting, you can expect more space in the cabin compared to most sedans. It also features more fashionable interior designs thanks to the leather materials used here.

When you can afford the top-tier trims of Insight, it’s possible to get the car with fancier interior specs and baby car seats. The baby seats will make the new Insight family-friendly. Other convenient features are also offered by the new Honda Insight.

2021 Honda Insight Interior Changes with New LED and White Leather Colors

Highlighted Features of 2021 Insight

The eight-inch multimedia screen of the Honda Insight is worth to mention. In the forthcoming Insight, this feature comes with more harmonic and functional characters. The popular Android Auto and Car Play would be included in the next Insight’s features.

Another highlighted feature of the upcoming 2021 Honda Insight would be the Wi-Fi connectivity that makes it possible to connect with your smartphones. Furthermore, this new Insight will also offer an analog-digital cluster, wireless slot for smartphones, and sleek air conditioners.

Besides, the upcoming Insight also features adaptive cruise control for your convenience. For safety features, you can expect for automated emergency braking, low-speed driving assistant, and traffic sign detection system. Plus, there are also crash alerts and range invasion in the new Insight.

The forthcoming Honda Insight will also come with soft coatings and grand console with gear knob. With all of these highlighted comfort and safety features, there is no doubt that your driving experience would be increased with this 2021 Insight.

Engine Specs & Performance

In case of a look, the 2021 Insight might remind you of the current Civic. However, the engine of Insight is completely different from the Civic. If you’ve read the Honda Insight review, it’s possible to know that the new car will have two engines.

Atkinson 1.5L Aspire will be the first engine of this new Insight. Interestingly, this engine doesn’t offer a longer expansion phase anymore. It also employs compression firing to help the new Insight save more fuel. This Atkinson engine is capable to produce 108 horsepower.

Meanwhile, the electric engine used by the new Insight is supposed to the one with a famous electric motor. It is reported to generate 131 horsepower to the new Insight. Paired with the Atkinson engine mentioned above, the new Insight will deliver up to 153 horsepower.

For the gearbox, users of Honda Insight should expect for a CVT system. According to the automaker, the use of this powertrain specification is to make the 2021 Insight more competitive. But, unfortunately, the upcoming Insight is not available with a plug-in hybrid engine.

2021 Honda Insight Price and Lease Deals

Then, how much are Honda Insight prices? Considering the incentive policy for hybrid vehicles in the US, the price of this upcoming Insight should be reduced by approximately 7%. If we compare the price with the existing Toyota Prius, the price might start around $13,000.

Of course, this is not the final price of the new Insight. We still need to wait for the official statement from Honda related to its new Insight. While waiting for the upcoming Insight, you might like to check the 2019 version of this car.

Currently, the 2019 Honda Insight LX is available on the market for $23,725 with a 4-cyl 1.5L hybrid engine. In case you want to lease the current Insight, there is a deal for $280 per month. But, your exact locations may make different prices.

To conclude, the upcoming Honda Insight is worth waiting for. It is supposed to come with better specs. Considering the current incentive policy, the new Insight may get reduced in price too. So, let’s wait for the official release of this 2021 Honda Insight.