2021 Honda Crosstour Redesign, Price, and Release Date

2021 Honda Crosstour Redesign and Changes

The crossover market today should prepare to welcome the upcoming 2021 Honda Crosstour. Although its initial generation wasn’t as successful as other Honda cars, the automaker seems persistent in bringing back the new Crosstour to the market. Then, what’s new in 2021 Crosstour?

Well, it’s no secret that the first generation of Crosstour has been ended since it didn’t show speedy sales compared to other Honda brands. But, since the automaker ended its Crosstour, it doesn’t have any substitute for it. Thus, Honda currently doesn’t have a car in this segment.

For this reason, bringing back the Crosstour could be one of the best choices. Indeed, the new Crosstour should come with something great to compete with others. Many expect the new Crosstour to come with a totally new design and style.

Moreover, many also expect the manufacturer to deal with all the previous issues to make the upcoming Honda Crosstour 2021 redesign is approved well by the market. Considering the great competitiveness in this segment, Honda should take this issue into account.

2021 Honda Crosstour Redesign Concept

Even though the 2021 Crosstour is a full redesign, it won’t be designed completely different from its initial production. The overall design might be identical, particularly in terms of dimension and body style. Then, the upcoming Crosstour is supposed to compete in its previous segment too.

For this reason, the new Crosstour would come across the famous Subaru Outback in the market. When it comes to the base, the upcoming Crosstour may continue to use Honda’s popular sedan, Accord. A lot of parts are expected to be shared here.

Both visual and mechanic parts of Accord might be found in the new Crosstour. You might need to expect an identical front end in the Accord and Crosstour. Thus, the Honda Crosstour 2021 review might be similar to Accord in some cases.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Crosstour’s body tends to have that wagon layout. Of course, we should hope that this time Honda engineers could make it better. The roofline shouldn’t be neglected. Instead of featuring a sloping line, the upcoming Crosstour should have a more practical one.

Also, the upcoming Honda Crosstour is expected to come with a revised suspension setup that promotes a higher clearance position. Potential buyers should anticipate many more black plastics around the bumpers, fenders, and other typical areas as well for this upcoming Crosstour.

2021 Crosstour Interior and Features

Inside, you shouldn’t expect too much from the 2021 Crosstour. If you have seen the layout of Accord’s cabin, the new Crosstour has very similar features to it. At least, the dashboard style of Crosstour would look identical to Accord.

Moreover, you should count the controls and overall appearance of 2021 Honda Crosstour to resemble the current Accord too. If you take a look closer to the standard feature list, there would be something similar as well since the new Crosstour has a similar base with Accord.

2021 Honda Crosstour Interior

However, since Crosstour has a wagon body, the cargo space should be different from Accord. It is supposed to offer more spacious rooms in the cargo area compared to the Crosstour. Some reports also say that the new Crosstour has a higher driving position.

The features applied in the inside of Crosstour should be as practical as Accord too. This means you can look forward to a cabin of an impressive Accord in the Crosstour. The center of its dashboard will be equipped with a 7-inch touchscreen display.

Engine Specs

In terms of powertrain, the Honda Crosstour 2021 engine is rumored to be offered in three varieties. Similar to Accord, the base trim of Crosstour is suggested to come with a 1.5L turbo-four engine that can generate up to 192 horsepower.

In the higher trims, you could expect a larger 2.0L turbo-four engine that is capable to produce 252 horsepower. If the base trim features a CVT specification, the higher one may be coupled with something like an updated 10-speed automated transmission.

Interestingly, the upcoming Crosstour is reported to offer electric powertrain as well. Just like the one you find in Accord’s hybrid system, the upcoming Crosstour should be armed with a 4-cyl hybrid engine that can generate 212 horsepower. With this spec, the upcoming Crosstour should pretty remarkable in terms of performance.

Considering the performance of Accord, the powertrain provides something outstanding when it comes to mpg ratings. The powertrain should be able to bring the new Crosstour to run up to 50 mpg. But, the rate might be lower in the forthcoming Crosstour.

2021 Honda Crosstour Release Date & Price

Next, how much is the Honda Crosstour 2021 price? Numerous reports suggest that the new Crosstour’s price will start at $30,000. The main competitors should be Outback from Subaru and Venza from Toyota. But, we are still not sure about the Crosstour’s release date.

The most possible scenario is that the new Crosstour will be available in the dealerships in the third quarter of next year. Since it is a significant comeback, it is possible that the new Crosstour would be announced to the public earlier than others.

Thus, you just need to wait a bit more for an official statement related to the release of this forthcoming Crosstour. In case you want to lease the car, the best lease deals for this new Crosstour would be available next time.

In conclusion, the next generation of Honda Crosstour is expected to be released soon with a similar base to the current Accord. Despite being bigger than Accord as a wagon-style crossover, the engine and overall look of the 2021 Honda Crosstour may be identical.