2021 Holden Colorado Redesigns, Specs, Price & Release Date

2021 GMC Colorado Z71 Truck Specs & Price

2021 Holden Colorado ware recently reported being released with some upgrades. The updates would be mostly in terms of safety features so that Colorado could compete with its key rivals such as Ford Ranger, Toyota Hilux, and Mitsubishi Triton.

Since the automaker will postpone its upcoming Commodore sedan, the new Holden Colorado may come with important changes. This is even aimed to bring Holden to the next level. It was said that lane departure alerts and front collision warning would be parts of the update.

Previously these features are not available in Colorado’s standard equipment, but they are now obtainable even in the standard package. On the market, current Colorado itself is behind the Mitsubishi Triton in terms of sales. Pricing strategy is considered the main reason behind this issue.

For this reason, the new Holden Colorado 2021 might come with something less powerful than before to make it less pricey. But indeed, premium trims with better performance should be available as well. This way, the next Colorado could attract more potential buyers.

Holden Colorado Review: 2021’s Engine and Performance

Under the hood, the Holden Colorado is armed with a 2.8L 4-cyl turbo-diesel engine. You can pair it with either a 6-speed manual or a 6-speed automatic gearbox. Your choice of transmission could influence the outputs. The manual could generate 440Nm of torque and 147kW of power.

On the other hand, the automatic gearbox provides an additional 60Nm of torque compared to the manual gearbox. But, the power output is identical. When it comes to fuel consumption, you can count on the upcoming Holden Colorado for sure.

It was reported that the new Colorado would be more efficient in fuel consumption. It was shown by the Holden Colorado review in terms of performance on the highway, city, urban, and freeway. It was reported that Colorado illustrates a 10.9L/100km return.

There is no confirmation related to the appearance of a smaller engine to make the next Colorado has a cheaper range than the Triton. But, it is also not impossible for the automaker to make a cheaper version of Colorado. But, it won’t be different from the Triton.

Interior & Features

Inside the cabin, there are few adjustments in the upcoming Holden Colorado. We can say that the cabin looks a lot like SUV. But, you can still discover the material quality of a truck when taking a look closer to the interior.

It might not have that very luxurious appearance, but the upcoming Colorado offers comfort and reliable quality. For the base LSX trim, it features manual air-conditioning buttons and only a 7-inch touchscreen infotainment display. You can expect more remarkable features for the upper trim for sure.

Furthermore, the seats are super comfy as well. Holden Colorado 2021 provides decent modification in its steering wheel, making it even more convenient to ride behind its wheel. The design is expected to be better than the existing Colorado that is considered outdated.

2021 Holden Colorado Interior Images

Also, the cargo space is very nice. You can even find bottle holders in each door. Cup holders are also available between the seats. It is also possible to fold down the backrest of the rear seats when needed. Extra storage parts under the seats are available too.

Besides, the foundation below the storage sections is quite flat. This means you can store equipment in the cabin when needed. For the tub dimension, there is no need to comment since it is good enough. Overall, the upcoming Colorado has a nice interior.

2021 Holden Colorado Redesign Exterior

Then, is there something new in the exterior design of this Colorado? If you have checked 2021 Holden Colorado updates before, this pickup truck is supposed to have some additional style to make it more attractive, especially for individual buyers.

Some parts of the design might remind you of the Ford Ranger Sport. If you opt for top-tier trims, it is possible to get 18-inch dark grey wheels that can make Colorado look cooler. Then, there would be a glossy, black grille and a tailgate lock.

You can also expect a mild tonneau cover, dark-colored extended sports bar, and the brand’s decal in the tailgate. The base LSX version should look tougher, larger, and more aggressive compared to the LS trim in terms of exterior design.

2021 GMC Colorado Release Date

It would be difficult to differentiate the rage of Holden Colorado since most of them look the same when it comes to the exterior. The Colorado LSX is especially similar to the LTZ and Z71. Thus, you need to take a look at it closely.

2021 Holden Colorado Price & Release Date

The price of the 2020 Holden Colorado price is currently starting at $31,690 for the LS 4×2 version with single cab-chassis. Meanwhile, the most inexpensive choice for the four-wheel-drive would be the Colorado LS 4×4 Crew Cab that costs around $43,490.

Meanwhile, the price of the upcoming 2021 Colorado might go around a similar rate with the 2020 model year. This is because the new Colorado won’t go for a full redesign this time. Then, how much should you pay when leasing the new Colorado?

The deal for the current Holden Colorado LT 4×2 Crew Cab in the market may start around $546 per month. Of course, different ranges of Colorado might come with different deals. So, refer to your particular trim of Colorado to find out more.

All in all, the upcoming Holden Colorado is a great pickup truck to be taken into account. So, just wait for the official announcement related to the upcoming Colorado release date. That’s all a quick review on 2021 Holden Colorado.