2021 GMC Granite, the Next Subcompact Crossover from GM

2021 GMC Granite Price and Availability

2021 GMC Granite would join the lineup of subcompact crossover from the automaker. This upcoming truck would sit behind the automaker’s popular Terrain crossover in terms of price and size. It would be the most reasonable vehicle offered by General Motors as well.

As the smallest vehicle in GM’s portfolio, the upcoming Granite is aimed to enter an entry-level segment. Mechanically speaking, the new Granite would share similar powertrain to the Buick Encore and Chevy Trax. Both of them are developed based on GM’s Gamma II architecture.

The name ‘Granite’ itself was previously used by GMC for its crossover concept that was revealed during the 2010 Detroit Auto Show. For this reason, many suggest that the upcoming small crossover from the automaker would use this ‘Granite’ name.

However, there is still a possibility that GMC will use another name to call its smallest crossover. Even though its future is not as clear as the 2021 GMC Yukon, you could still expect the GMC Granite to hit the market soon or later.

2021 Granite Engine and Platform

What will be under the hood of this upcoming 2021 Granite? Many suggest that the new Granite will be armed with a 1.4L turbocharged 4-cyl engine. This is the same engine applied in the current Encore and Trax. Currently, this engine is capable to deliver between 138 and 153 horsepower.

The power of this 1.4L turbocharged engine will depend on how GM applies it to its Granite. Of course, we should expect to be able to produce 155 horsepower. Then, this turbocharged engine would be paired with a nine-speed automatic gearbox.

Besides, the automaker may make a 1.6L turbocharged diesel engine available as well. This kind of engine is similar to the one applied in the GMC Terrain. In the Terrain, this diesel engine can deliver 137 horsepower and rates 29 mpg on the highway.

The upcoming Granite might be similar to 2021 Chevrolet vehicles in case of powertrain, but it might turn out to be different as well. Since it is supposed to be a subcompact crossover, the 2021 Granite should be able to accommodate around five passengers at most.

Then, as it is reported to be built based on the automaker’s new VSS-F platform, the 2021 Granite may be offered with front-wheel-drive as well as all-wheel-drive models. We won’t be shocked if this upcoming car comes with hybrid technology as well.

2021 GMC Granite Design – Exterior and Style

Currently, there have not been any spy shots that show how the new Granite should look like. Instead, the automaker tested the upcoming Chevy Tracker with heavy camouflage. Considering this fact, we say that the new Granite hasn’t begun its road testing yet.

For this reason, it is difficult to claim anything regarding the exterior of the 2021 GMC Granite. But, if we consider how the other SUV from General Motors looks like, the upcoming Granite is possible to have that bulky exterior appearance.

Moreover, it seems like the new Granite would be produced in the automaker’s San Luis Potosi factory in Mexico. This means the new Granite is probably built in the same place with the upcoming Chevy Trax and some other new vehicles from the automaker.

But, it is not impossible if the new Granite is created in the automaker’s Bupyeong-gu plant in South Korea. This plant is currently where the upcoming Encore is produced. However, if we consider how GM minimizes its Korean operation, it is less possible now.

2021 GMC Granite Interior Features

New GMC Granite Interior and Prices

Similar to its exterior, we haven’t got any information about the new Granite interior. Despite being the tiniest crossover from the automaker, we could expect something great from the GMC Granite 2021 interior. The interior must be as reliable as other GMC vehicles.

When it comes to price, it is more likely for the 2021 Granite to cost between the automaker’s Encore and Trax. It means that the price of this upcoming Granite might start at $24,000 for the base LS trim level.

Then, the SLE trim level may start at $25,000 while the SLT trim level probably costs around $29,000. A top-tier Denali trim level might be offered by General Motors as well. At this point, the cost of the Granite Denali should start at $32,000.

Just like other Denali trim levels from the automaker, Granite Denali should come with exceptional exterior and interior elements such as premium wheels as well as exclusive leather upholstery. In the market, the upcoming Granite may compete with the Jeep Renegade.

2021 GMC Granite Release Date

Now, when could we see the brand new Granite in the market? Considering that the upcoming Trax and Encore would receive major updates for their 2020 model year, the GMC Granite 2021 release date might be somewhere in early 2021.

However, the new Granite can be unveiled in one of the 2020 auto shows later. But, it will still go on sale at the beginning of 2021 or late 2020. Just stay tuned for the next update of the Granite.

Considering how trendy a small crossover nowadays, General Motors should not make its Granite to hit the market too late. Then, GM is supposed to be serious in designing its Granite so that it can appeal to the busy market of its segment.

In conclusion, 2021 Granite is expected to be the forthcoming small crossover from General Motors. It is reported to use the same underpinning with the new Encore and Trax. For now, let’s wait for the automaker’s official statement about this 2021 GMC Granite.