2021 Genesis GV80 Updates, Release Date & Price of Luxury SUVs

2021 Genesis GV80 Exterior Design Images

The appearance of 2021 Genesis GV80 on various media has become a huge topic today. This upcoming GV80 model was revealed ahead of time through some spy shots. Although the spy shots have low-resolution quality, these are enough to guess how the new GV80 turns out to be.

It’s been a while since the automaker introduced the concept of GV80 to the public. It was during the 2017 New York Auto Show that Genesis announced the GV80 concept. It was scheduled to debut next year, but some spy shots spread beforehand.

The spy shots seem to be taken from one of the automaker’s testing or storage facilities. Regarding the photos taken, we can say that the production car is quite different from the concept revealed before. This means some changes are applied during the process.

For instance, the Genesis GV80 2021 spy shots show bigger headlights while the previous concept brings such small ones. With these headlights, the new GV80 would look like the lately-upgraded G90. In other words, it is like an SUV version of the latest G90.

2021 Genesis GV80 Design Exterior & Interior

Meanwhile, the proportions of the concept don’t transform much. But, we found that the back end got comprehensive adjustments. On the concept, you will see pairs of sleek, horizontal LED rear lights that are similar to the ones in the façade.

However, the production model has much larger rear lights that widen into the quarter panels. Moreover, the upcoming GV80 would be based on the RWD chassis that look perfectly remarkable. This makes the SUV looks a bit like a combination of XC90 and Bentayga.

Furthermore, the new GV80 will feature a brand new G-Matrix Genesis grille as well. With this new concept and look, the upcoming GV80 will compete with several big rivals including the XC90, MDX, X5, and other SUVs in this class.

While waiting for the official Genesis GV80 2021 release date, it would be great to learn further about other rumors and updates of the car. Besides the exterior concept of the next GV80, the interior has been revealed in spy shots as well.

When it comes to the exterior, we cannot deny that spy shots are pretty surprising since these show how different the production model is from the renderings and concept of this GV80 before. But, the point is that we could expect something great from the new GV80.

Genesis GV0 2021 Interior and Features

Inside, the upcoming GV80 is spotted to feature a one-sided, elevated center console dividing the two front seats. Moreover, the driver should employ an electronic dial when wanting to switch into gear. Meanwhile, front passengers can control the infotainment system with a round touchpad.

2021 Genesis GV80 Interior Of Luxury Compact SUV

Several higher trims could get a digital for its gadget. However, the base models could have analog measurements only. Different from the surprising exterior design, the interior is pretty similar to the concept and rendering we have seen so far.

The new 2021 Genesis GV80 will have a cockpit that carries a selection of instruments shown in the previous GV80 concept and the updated G90 sedan. However, it comes with a cleaner layout than the G90. You shouldn’t expect the minimalist approach seen in the concept, though.

Back to the infotainment system, it seems that the display is rather low. Both a digital and analog screen must be offered by Genesis for different trim levels. Related to the features offered, we haven’t found any information related to this case in these spy shots.

Genesis GV80 Powertrain

Then, how is the powertrain of this new Genesis GV80? It is reported that the new GV80 will share a similar platform with the upcoming Genesis G80. For this reason, both the GV80 and G80 will own many identical components including engine option.

Genesis GV80 2021 engine list may include a popular V6 engine. The automaker hints that the upcoming GV80 won’t come with a V8 engine, so it’s less likely for the car to receive an 8-cyl option. Instead, it may come with a gasoline-electric plug-in hybrid engine.

Even though the hybrid engine might not come this year, the automaker can apply it to the next updates. Every trim level may be equipped with all-wheel-drive. But, it’s possible that the AWD will be offered as an additional package.

Genesis may also make the AWD standard on several trim levels only. Overall, there is no need to underestimate the performance of this new GV80. It would be one of the best SUVs to compete with the existing popular ones like Audi Q7, Lincoln Aviator, and others.

2021 Genesis GV80 Front Angle Pictures

2021 Genesis GV80 Release Date & Price

The official release date of the upcoming GV80 hasn’t announced yet. But, many suggest that the new car will be announced to the public in early 2020. Then, it will go on sale soon after the announcement. Then, how much is the Genesis GV80 2021 price?

Similar to the release date, there is no authorized information related to the price of this new GV80. But, the estimated price may start at $50,000. For the best lease deals, we estimate that the new GV80 would be available for $476 per month.

This price is highly appropriate for everything you could expect from the new GV80. It would have a remarkable exterior and interior. The new style of this year’s Genesis GV80 is super cool as well. Thus, it would be an exclusive car on the road.

In conclusion, the new GV80 would have several different points compared to the previous concept. It might come with a similar V6 engine and receive a minor update in terms of interior. Now, let’s wait for the official release of the 2021 Genesis GV80.