2021 Genesis G90 Redesign, No Major Improvements | Price & Release Date

2021 Genesis G90 Exterior Changes Front Angle With New Headlamp and Grill

Sedan enthusiasts can get ready to welcome the 2021 Genesis G90. After the significant redesign in the 2020 model year, the 2021 G90 will probably have a little upgrade only. As we know, the upcoming year the car will have a brand new styling.

The automaker recently introduced a restyled version of this sedan at the 2019 LA Auto Show. However, Genesis hasn’t announced the price of its latest flagship sedan. Instead, the pricing of the new G90 would be available late this year.

While the 2020 model has just been announced, the public has started to talk about the next update that might be offered by Genesis in its G90. But, potential buyers should take a look at the latest model since it would be a lot similar.

The Genesis G90 2020 comes with an outstanding ‘crest’ grille, quad taillights, quad headlamps, and other new elements in its exterior. Considering this significant change, it is safe to say that the next 2021 model year; Genesis G90 will remain the same.

2021 Genesis G90 Redesign and Updates

If the rumor of 2021 G90 turns out to be true, there would be many things about the current design to appear in this car. Competing in the full-size magnificence sedan segment, the new Genesis G90 has a bold character in its exterior.

To accommodate its daring styling, Genesis has reshaped the G90’s front end and tail. The change in its exterior and style has made the new G90 even more appealing than before. The wider chrome grille is also sharper and provides an unlock cross-mesh.

If you take a look at its straight lower ducting, it might remind you of Alfa Romeo. Meanwhile, the brand new headlamps probably remind you of Volvo. The Genesis G90 2021 Coupe also has a new hood just like its facade fenders.

In this case, the façade design of this new G90 showcases bigger fake vents with lighting strips and chrome elements. These fake vents visually widen the headlights’ shapes. On the other hand, the rear part of this G90 features an integrated kick-up spoiler.

While the previous taillights are vertical, this time the Genesis G90 has sleek horizontal ones. These taillights make the new G90 look wider than before. Overall, the latest Genesis G90 is much more muscular and has a more dynamic appearance compared to its previous design.

Interior and Features

The interior of this upcoming Genesis G90 is no joke as well. The changes might not be as significant as its exterior, but the new G90 will surely have something amazing to any potential buyer. One of them is the new 12.3-inch touchscreen infotainment screen.

Copper accents have highlighted the infotainment display in the new G90. Then, the car has become the first vehicle from its manufacturer to have an over-the-air upgrade in terms of navigation software and maps. Then, the 2021 Genesis G90 is quieter.

This is thanks to its noise cancelation technology that the new G90 is quieter than before. Moreover, you can also expect Android Auto and Apple CarPlay capability as a standard package. Then, interior materials and accents have been upgraded too.

2021 Genesis G90 Interior White Steer and Dashboard

Furthermore, the standard list of this new G90 has been expanded as well. Now, you can find features like forward-crash warning systems, rear cross-traffic technology, lane-following assistance, and other important safety features. Safe exit assist is available to remind you if an object is approaching.

Engine Specs &Performance

Under the hood, the new Genesis G90 continues to use similar powertrain and suspension. There would be two available trims just like its previous model year as well. The 3.3T Premium is still armed with a turbocharged 3.3L V6 engine.

This V6 engine is capable to generate 365 horsepower. Meanwhile, the 5.0 Ultimate would be powered by a naturally aspirated 5.0L V8 engine. Considering the high Genesis G90 2021 price, it seems appropriate for the car to be powered by this 420-horsepower engine.

Moreover, these engines would be paired with an 8-speed automated gearbox. Rear-wheel-drive would be a standard feature in both Premium and Ultimate trims. Buyers could also opt for all-wheel-drive when purchasing both models. Overall, both engines would provide amazing performance for the new G90.

Combined with its upgraded safety system, the upcoming G90 would surely be a great sedan to take into account. However, the possibility is still open for the upcoming 2021 G90. We could still expect that this car will have an engine upgrade.

2021 Genesis G90 Release Date & Price

Now, how much is the price of this 2021 G90? Considering that it won’t be so much different from the current Genesis G90, the price of the upcoming model year of this car may go around $74,845 for the 5.0 Ultimate trim.

Meanwhile, the 3.3T Premium version is slightly less expensive and may start at $70,345. If you want to upgrade to all-wheel-drive, it may cost around $2,500. Then, when is the Genesis G90 2021 release date? The release of the 2021 G90 is not confirmed yet.

2021 Genesis G90 Redesign Exterior & Interior

However, while the 2020 model year was released late this year, there is a big possibility that the upcoming 2021 G90 will be announced in late 2020. So, let’s wait for Genesis’ official statement once it decides to release the next generation of G90.

All in all, the upcoming Genesis G90 won’t come with significant changes since the previous model year has just received such extreme new revises. Then, the new G90 is supposed to have more safety features. That’s all some important information to know about 2021 Genesis G90.