2021 Ford Focus RS Rumors, Redesign, Specs & Release Date

2021 Ford Focus RS Changes Exterior

2021 Ford Focus RS is expected to heat the hatchback market once again. As you might already know, the Focus RS has been discontinued since the 2018 model year. During its final year in the market, the automaker only sold 1000 of this hatchback in the United States.

There’s no doubt that the Ford Focus RS is one of the quickest hatchbacks in the market. However, just like other good things, most of them will come to an end. This also applies to this fantastic Focus RS. Luckily, the Ford Focus RS final model is highly amazing.

The automaker has made its Focus RS to provide such remarkable performance and design. It also becomes a powerful vehicle thanks to its turbocharged engine which is matched with a 6-speed manual gearbox. Its all-wheel-drive feature makes the Focus RS even more versatile.

In terms of pricing, the Ford Focus RS price is pretty high since it’s supposed to be a higher trim from its sibling. Yet, you can expect a lot of premium features and equipment offered by the Focus RS. Now, let’s learn more about the future of this Focus below.

2021 Ford Focus RS Redesign & Changes

One of the highlighted points about the new Ford Focus RS is its performance. We cannot deny that performance and ability have become the Focus RS’s advantages since the beginning. It is now powered by a turbocharged 2.3L 4-cyl engine that can generate 350 horsepower.

This turbocharged engine is capable to deliver 350 lb-ft of torque, making the new Focus RS the top vehicle to offer such performance in its class. This engine also supports the new Focus RS to run super quick on any surface.

Moreover, you shouldn’t forget its all-wheel-drive that makes the new Focus RS capable to even overcome snow-covered roads. It is safe to say that the all-wheel-drive has made this new Focus to run perfectly in any condition including gravel streets.

When it comes to Ford Focus RS specs, we shouldn’t forget that this car also comes with a reliable clutch pedal that is not that aggressive. Plus, it won’t take so much time to adjust to its first springiness. Then, the Focus RS’ bazooka exhaust pipes are outstanding too.

2021 Ford Focus RS New Design

Ford Focus RS Engine Specs

When we take its performance into account, Civic Type R is probably the closest rival for this new Focus RS. Even though Honda Civic managed to win in the comparison test, it doesn’t mean that Focus RS in inferior. Both Focus RS and Civic are amazing indeed.

While it seems like the Focus RS is above everything in terms of performance, the fuel economy seems to be its real enemy. We cannot deny that fuel economy isn’t a strong point of the Ford Focus RS. However, this new Focus RS is expected to get better at this point.

If the 2021 Ford Focus RS comes true in the future, its performance should even be better. Then, as it is combined with the interior and infotainment features, the new Focus RS could be one of the best hatchbacks to choose from in the market.

The Ford Focus RS features super supportive sports seats and a larger 8-inch touchscreen infotainment display. Then, you could expect the new Focus RS to be more spacious than ever. Driving the new Focus RS would be more convenient as well.

Interior and Features

It’s no secret that the previous Ford Focus RS was complained because of its cramped feeling, especially when compared to other cars with the same segment. Moreover, the RS was also complained due to the huge number of economy-vehicle plastics in its interior.

Considering this issue, Ford should do something with Focus RS’s interior if it wants to launch another model year in the future. There should be some improvements in the Ford Focus RS interior. However, interior makeover may make the Focus RS price even higher.

Even though the interior looks cheap because of its material, features offered by Focus RS is pretty remarkable. Its standard 8-inch display is compatible with Sync 3 software. As a result, you could expect some vibrant menus, sufficient connectivity, and better-performing navigation.

Wi-Fi hotspot, USB inputs, Bluetooth are among the connectivity capabilities offered by the new Focus RS. You could expect a trustworthy 10-speaker audio system installed in the cabin to support your infotainment capability. Thus, you can enjoy your ride with the Ford Focus RS.

2021 Ford Focus RS Release Date & Price

The new Focus RS is equipped with a long list of safety features as well. One of them would be the NHTSA that presented the Focus RS outstanding crash rating. Then, how much is Ford Focus RS 2021 price when it is finally released?

Currently, the latest Focus RS is priced around $41,995 in the market. If the 2021 model of this car is ultimately released in the market, we believed that the price would be higher. This is because the automaker may finally design its interior once again.

If you wonder when the upcoming Focus RS to hit the market again, the answer will depend on Ford’s decision. If the automaker decided to revive its powerful Focus RS, this means we can see a next-generation of the car in the showrooms soon or later.

All in all, the future of Focus RS isn’t clear yet. After the car was ended in its 2018 model year, there hasn’t been any information if the Focus RS would be revived by the automaker. So, let’s stay tuned to update our information about the 2021 Ford Focus RS.