2021 Ford Expedition Redesign, Hybrid Engine, Price & Release Date

2021 Ford Expedition Platinum Price & Lease Deals

The SUV market is now getting ready to welcome the new 2021 Ford Expedition. It’s no secret that the Ford Expedition has been one of the best selling vehicles in the full-size SUV segment. This three-row hauler is popular among family buyers.

Ford Expedition is known to come with both all-wheel-drive and rear-wheel-drive models. In the upcoming 2021 model, we look forward to several major updates in this Expedition. Since its initial debut in 1997, the Expedition has already been in its fourth generation. Yet, it’s still as popular as before.

It was reported that the automaker has sold its Expedition for more than hundreds of thousands of this 22-year SUV model. Then, it was currently expected to come up with its 2021 model year. Advanced power and more spacious room are highly anticipated in this 2021 Expedition.

We suggest that the upcoming Expedition will remain in its fourth generation. This means it won’t be a next-generation model. Instead, Ford Expedition 2021 changes would be subtle with a few updates only. Yet, the upcoming Expedition is still worth waiting for.

2021 Ford Expedition Redesign & Changes

Despite being known as a reasonably-priced full-size SUV, the Ford Expedition is well-known for its variety of luxury trims. It offers two top-tier trim levels including the King Ranch and the Platinum. The King Ranch trim is a special edition that is supposed to be offered next time.

While the lower-trim levels of this Expedition are supposed to gain more buyers in a tight budget, the higher-trim levels are designed luxuriously to compete with many exclusive rivals in the SUV market. Its rivals include Audi Q7, Lincoln Navigator, BMW X7, and Cadillac Escalade.

Thanks to its premium exterior, the Expedition is often considered being a match for Range Rover and Land Rover luxurious models. Not only the exterior, but the interior of the Expedition is also popular for its nice design and premium styling.

Meanwhile, the Ford Expedition 2021 King Ranch is reported to include several premium options. Different from the Expedition base version, this special edition will have an exclusive King Ranch logo on each seat’s back. Del Rio leather would be obtainable in the new Expedition too.

2021 Ford Expedition King Ranch Review

New Expedition Trim Levels and Rivals

It’s safe to say that the current Expedition didn’t receive many negative comments from the auto enthusiasts. We can even say that there are not a lot of downsides to the existing Expedition. Some of them only commented that the existing Expedition experiences noise at speed.

Moreover, since it is a full-sized SUV, it is common for drivers to find it challenging when trying to navigate it in tight corners. When we take its competitors into account, the Ford Expedition has always been unique compared to its competitors.

The competition of the 2021 Ford Expedition is indeed amazing. It should compete with other full-size SUVs like the Toyota Sequoia, Kia Telluride, GMC Yukon, Chevy Tahoe, and Nissan Armada. Of course, the Expedition is priced well to compete with its conventional rivals.

Similar to its previous model year, the 2021 Expedition will come with various trim levels. Thus, potential buyers can easily choose a trim level that matches their budget. While standard features are expected to be expanded, some optional equipment might be available in various selections too.

Engine Specs – Comes with Hybrid Options

Then, what should we expect in terms of engine? The 2021 Expedition is expected to receive an optional hybrid engine. As we know, hybrid engine options are now getting more popular, especially in the top-tier trims of sports cars and SUVs.

With a brand new hybrid and electric powertrain, the upcoming Expedition would be powered by more torque. The Ford Expedition 2021 Hybrid is supposed to be both powerful and efficient in terms of fuel consumption. Thus, buyers could expect a highly dependable vehicle in the 2021 Expedition.

Along with the new hybrid engine, the Ford Expedition should remain its diesel powertrain as well. Since Ford F150 offers a diesel-engine SUV some time ago, many SUVs have got a diesel powertrain option. And the Ford Expedition is no exception, especially for its 2021 model year.

We expect it to come with a 3.1L V6 turbo-diesel engine that is now pretty popular among modern vehicles. This engine is more than enough to deliver as much as 250 horsepower and 440 lb-ft of torque to the new Expedition.

2021 Ford Expedition Interior Seating Capacity

2021 Ford Expedition Release Date & Price

Next, when will we see the 2021 Expedition? The Ford Expedition 2021 release date is expected to hit the market next year. Considering the number of changes and enhancements, it won’t take much time for the upcoming Ford Expedition to be released to the market.

We suggest the upcoming Expedition to be announced for the first time during a 2020 car show and be released in the next summer. Meanwhile, the price of this next Ford Expedition should not far from the existing model that starts at $52,800 for the base version.

This price would include a variety of standard safety features like a lane-keep system, pre-collision assist, and blind-spot alert. Ford may equip its 2021 Expedition with cooled and heated front seats, power lock doors, flexible three-row seating, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, as well as spacious legroom.

To conclude, the forthcoming Ford Expedition is one of the most anticipated vehicles in the upcoming season. This 2021 Expedition will continue to offer a versatile trim option with some special edition to be expected. So, it won’t be bad to wait for the release of the 2021 Ford Expedition.