2021 Ford Crown Victoria Rumors, Updates, and Release Date

2021 Ford Crown Victoria Rendered

Who doesn’t wait for the 2021 Ford Crown Victoria? There have been many fans that are waiting for a new update related to this car. Fortunately, trusted reports hinted that the 2021 Crown Victoria would come back soon in the market.

It’s no secret that previously Crown Victoria was an ultimate police car. But, rumors suggested that the car would come back once again and some rendering photos have been posted here are there. Well, it seems not possible to happen, though.

Despite being unlikely to happen, many reports are convincing enough in the way they told us about this new Crown Victoria. And, there is nothing wrong about wanting this car to hit the market with an all-new design and appearance.

Check out the rendering photos of this new Crown Victoria to help you imagine how it is going to look. The Ford Crown Victoria 2021 redesigns are supposed to be futuristic and wonderful. We cannot deny that it seems cool and attractive as well.

Ford Crown Victoria 2021 Exterior

If the updates of Ford Crown Victoria come true, it is more likely to find such massive changes in terms of design. The rendering photos show that the design is done in a three-box form. Then, the lower fascia is created uniquely.

Then, the headlights are designed differently to result in such a distinctive shape. Moreover, the A-pillar appears very casual to complete the flat roof coupe-inspired design. On the other hand, the back pillar appears thicker than before with small back windows.

This case could be solved by completing the back design with a rear-mounted camera. Thus, the small back windows wouldn’t create any problem. Moreover, the back end of this new Victoria might look sculpted as well. And the LED taillights seem so simple.

Overall, the Ford Crown Victoria 2021 exterior looks so much attractive. You can see that the rendering photos of this car have made it looks sporty and aesthetically beautiful. Indeed, it would be good if this upcoming Crown Victoria comes true.

2021 Crown Victoria Interior

Then, how is the Crown Victoria interior if it is released as a 2021 Model year? As we know, the previous second-generation model of this car has such outstanding interior designs. Then, as a representative of the third-generation model, the 2021 Crown Victoria should be even more gorgeous.

We also look forward to a comprehensive interior redesign in this new Crown Victoria. At least, this model should get inspired by the outstanding sides of its previous generation. But, Ford should bring this new Crown Victoria to the next level.

Regarding the newest reports of the car, they suggested that the upcoming Crown Victoria will have such a more straightforward layout when it comes to interior. The automaker may give the new Crown Victoria a similar cabin to its latest crossover lineups.

It means that the 2021 Ford Crown Victoria will promise comfort interior to its potential buyers. Moreover, the automaker should add another trim level to this new Crown Victoria. We are expecting a special edition or another trim level to be added to the lineup.

Classic Ford Crown Victoria interior
Classic Ford Crown Victoria interior


While there is no detail related to the interior of the exterior of this upcoming Crown Victoria, we can still imagine that the car would come up with such amazing designs and styling. What we can be sure is only that the car will have a two-row seating layout.

Moreover, it is supposed to offer a spacious-enough room for four to five passengers. Then, what powers the new Crown Victoria would be a very interesting case to discuss. As we know, the previous Crown Victoria only offers one engine choice, but it may be different next time.

We are expecting the automaker to give the Ford Crown Victoria 2021 specs something new with another engine option. An EcoBoost technology engine is more likely to be added to the car’s optional package. Other powerful engine options might be included as well to make it more interesting.

Of course, the 2021 Crown Victoria will take advantage of the automaker’s signature engines. Some rumors reported that it would have a bigger V8 unit. Then, Ford should also come up with a smaller and more efficient engine to compete with its new Crown Victoria.

2021 Crown Victoria Price and Release Date

Still related to powertrain, some reports suggested that the upcoming Crown Victoria has a turbocharged engine, especially for the top-tier trim level. The special edition of this new Crown Victoria might also have the same turbocharged engine, so it would feel even more exclusive.

At this point, the Ford Crown Victoria 2021 engine options could include a 2.0L EcoBoost unit that can generate 240 horsepower. This is because the automaker doesn’t tend to create an all-new powertrain today, even though it would be for its Crown Victoria.

Then, how much would the new Crown Victoria be if it happens to be true? Some reports suggested that the upcoming Crown Victoria will be priced above $30,000. But, of course, we need to wait for the automaker’s official statement related to the pricing of this new Crown Victoria.

In conclusion, the forthcoming Crown Victoria is not nearly unlikely to be true. Some convincing reports are available to help us imagine how the future of this sedan. And we expect the 2021 Ford Crown Victoria to hit the market in 2020 with a whole new design.