2021 Ford Courier Compact Pickup Detail, Specs, Release Date & Price

2021 Ford Courier Spy Photos

Will 2021 Ford Courier come true? Nowadays, the world of small pickup is getting hotter with the rumor of this new Ford Courier. If it happens, the 2021 model year would mark the debut of this small pickup after Courier was discontinued several years ago.

It might not be something that we could be sure, but the rumors and reports related to the 2021 Courier are realistic enough to come true. This would be even more possible when considering that the automaker may need another small pickup in its lineups.

Of course, there would be a lot of things to expect from this new Ford Courier. Well, after many years of hiatus, indeed, the new Courier will offer various new things. At least, it should adopt the latest trends in the auto world from Ford’s latest trucks.

For instance, we believe that the automaker will give this new Courier a fresh design in the outside. The Ford Courier 2021 redesigns should include some major changes to keep it up with the latest pickup trucks in the market.

2021 Courier Exterior and Changes

Many reported that the approaching For Courier will use the same underpinnings with the automaker’s Focus lineups. Meanwhile, it might adopt many things from the manufacturer’s popular Ranger pickup. Thus, you can use both Focus and Ranger to imagine how this car would look like.

Recently, the spy shots of the 2021 Courier have been spread all over the internet. It was said that the new Courier was spotted around Detroit. Of course, these spy shots could tell us more about what to expect from this upcoming Courier.

Since it will take advantage of the Ranger’s exclusive design, the new Courier tends to come with a lengthier wheelbase. In this case, it could be between 120 to 122 inches. In terms of interior, the changes would be many as well.

Indeed, we couldn’t talk more about the Ford Courier 2021 interior from the recent spy shots. However, it is safe to say that the upcoming Ford Courier will have a long list of interior redesigns to adjust it to the current interior trends.

2021 Ford Courier Interior and Features

As said before, the interior of the new Courier remains mysterious. It would be hard to clarify that the car would have specific interior features yet. But, we can say that it would appear similar to the current Ford Ranger in some points.

Even if it appears like the existing Ranger, we haven’t known what makes both of them different. As we know, even though the new Courier will take many cues from the Ranger, it wouldn’t be a complete copy of the Ranger. There would be some different points, indeed.

For instance, since it is supposed to be a small pickup truck, the Courier won’t be as spacious as the Ranger. However, the new Courier may get the same 8-inch touchscreen infotainment display as the Courier did. 2021 Ford Courier may also get the automaker’s newest infotainment system.

The newest infotainment system of this upcoming 2021 Courier should involve a premium music system and features. Moreover, you could also expect leather-based equipment installed throughout the pickup, offering such a luxurious touch. But, these leather equipment may only be available in the top-trim level.

2021 Ford Courier Rumors Updates

Engine Specs

Under the hood, the 2021 Courier may come with two engine options. One of them is more likely to be a 2.0L turbocharged EcoBoost unit. Of course, we haven’t known how much power it could deliver right now. But, this should be a powerful engine indeed.

However, if it is installed just like the automaker’s Escape design, it would be able to deliver 245 horsepower and 275 lb-ft of torque. We can look forward to such similar results or even higher. Then, what is another engine provided by Ford Courier 2021 specs?

Another engine variant is probably a 1.5L unit. This engine variant is smaller than the previous 2.0 turbocharged unit, but it would be enough to provide such powerful performance to the new Courier. In addition to these two engines, we could expect a hybrid unit as well.

Other performance specifications are not accessible yet since the automaker hasn’t unveiled anything about the future of its Courier. However, the new Courier should be able to give its potential buyers something amazing. So, stay tuned for the latest information about this new Courier.

2021 Ford Courier Price and Release Date

Then, when will we see the upcoming 2021 Courier on the market? Since we expect it to be a 2021 model year, the upcoming Courier might be available on the market in the middle of 2020 or late 2020. Thus, the announcement about its release should be revealed soon.

When it comes to the Ford Courier 2021 price, we cannot be sure about how much the car would be priced later. But, it might be less than the base version of the Ford Ranger. We may need to wait for an official statement from the automaker to make sure.

Since it is supposed to compete with Chevy Montana or Tornado, the price may start around $20,000 for the base version. Available packages would have a long variety, so you could equip your Courier to match your needs and styles.

In conclusion, the new Ford Courier is expected to come back again after several years of hiatus. It is supposed to resemble the automaker’s popular Ranger. Since the details of this 2021 Ford Courier haven’t been revealed yet, stay tuned to keep up to date.