2021 Ford Bronco, What We’ve Got So Far | Specs, Release Date & Price

Ford Bronco 4-Door AWD

The details of the brand new 2021 Ford Bronco was finally revealed by its automaker. Ford Motor Company recently released a little teaser video about this upcoming Ford Bronco. The automaker hints at the new Bronco to have an all-new logo.

We cannot deny that the forthcoming Ford Bronco is among the most awaited vehicle in the US market today. It is shown by the fact that its updates always become a hot topic in the auto world throughout the year.

We have already seen the new Bronco covered by camouflage several times this year. There has been leaked information about the car that is spread all over the internet, making it even more anticipated by auto enthusiasts all over the world.

Thus, the teaser video of this Ford Bronco 2021 updates has marked the new hype of this SUV. Since the video doesn’t directly show how the upcoming Bronco will look likes, it is enough to keep us wondering whether it will match what we expect so far or not.

2021 Ford Bronco Updates: What’s New?

Throughout the teaser video of the upcoming Bronco, Ford didn’t show us any glimpse of the car. Instead, it shows us the historical pictures of the Bronco from time to time. We can only see the model’s name in the video and when it will be released to the market.

What Ford did is pretty similar to how Chevy introduced its Corvette C8 not long ago. General Motors, at that time, announced the new Chevy Corvette C8 through a teaser. Then, what have we got so far about the 2021 Bronco?

Regarding all the leaks and rumors spread throughout the online world, we can say that the automaker has invested a lot in its new Bronco. Thus, the 2021 Ford Bronco could be more trusted by potential buyers. This reason makes the new Bronco is awaited so much.

One of the most interesting updates would be the availability of a manual gearbox. This detail was reported to be offered by the automaker to help the new Bronco more successful in the market. Then, a third pedal and better off-road performance are obtainable in this new Bronco too.

Ford Bronco 4-Door Interior

What Are 2021 Bronco’s Engine Options?

Besides the rumor of manual gearbox that is not surprising, there is also a report related to what the automaker will use to power the new Bronco. It was said that the upcoming Bronco will come with a 2.7L EcoBoost V-6 engine.

Another rumor said that the new Bronco will be powered by a 2.3L EcoBoost engine. This engine is capable to deliver the Bronco 270 horsepower and 310 lb-ft of power torque. This Ford Bronco 2021 news is realistic since this car will use the same platform as Ranger.

As we know, the Ranger is armed with a 2.3L EcoBoost engine. Meanwhile, the rumor of 2.7L V6 EcoBoost engine may come to the surface because its competitor, Jeep Wrangler, also offers the same powertrain. So, Ford may want to power its new Branco with the same powertrain.

Interestingly, the 2.7 EcoBoost engine is paired with an 8-speed automatic gearbox and could deliver 335 horsepower and 380 lb-ft of torque to the new Bronco. This means you can expect highly powerful Bronco in the market. Aside from these two engine options, Ford may offer some others.

Will the New Bronco Have Hybrid Powertrain?

Considering that the automaker has announced it will offer hybrid powertrains in its most lineups next year, the upcoming Bronco may offer it too. But, we haven’t known the hybrid configuration of the Bronco’s powertrain. It could be both a plug-in or a conventional hybrid drivetrain.

While the Ford Bronco 2021 release date is confirmed to be in spring 2020, you must like to know further about the car. It was reported that the new Bronco will be developed at the manufacturer’s plant in Michigan where the discontinued C-Max and Focus built previously.

Since it is expected to compete with Jeep Wrangler in the market, some said that Ford will give its new Bronco removable doors and roof. Both the four-door and two-door versions are rumored to come up with this kind of feature.

Moreover, the side mirrors of the Bronco were installed on the A-Pillars rather than its doors. It was conveyed that the door-removal system in the Bronco is less complicated than the Wrangler. There is no need to get rid of its bolts and screws to remove the Bronco’s doors.

Ford Bronco 4-Door Off-Road SUV Ready

2021 Ford Bronco  Price & Release Date – How Much is the 2021 Bronco Price?

Then, how much should you pay to get behind the wheel of this new Bronco? Ford Bronco 2020 price is starting around $30,000. Since the 2021 model year is supposed to come with some major adjustments, the price may get higher. But, it might stay the same too.

Of course, we cannot be sure about the price since the automaker hasn’t released any statement related to the price of its new Bronco. Lease deals must be available after the official announcement of the new Bronco next spring. So, you need to stay tuned.

Overall, the forthcoming Bronco is worth to anticipate since it offers various new elements to be taken into account. The transmission, for example, is reported to be advanced so that it can make the new Bronco work better and more powerful than before.

In conclusion, it is about a time to reveal whether the leaks and rumors about 2021 Bronco are true or not. Ford has released a teaser video for the new Bronco. And the 2021 Ford Bronco is scheduled to be announced in spring 2020.