2021 Dodge Challenger: Everything You Need to Know, inlcuding Lease Deals

2021 Dodge Challenger Concept RT

Will the 2021 Dodge Challenger come true? Well, previously the Dodge Challenger has been spotted doing a road testing by some spy photographers. It was reported to debut along with the next-generation Charger in the market. But, the automaker hasn’t confirmed the exact schedule.

Recently, Dodge has confirmed that the manufacture of its next-generation Challenger would be postponed beyond 2021. This means we still need to wait until a few years later to see the brand new Challenger in the market. But, will we see any update for the 2021 model year?

Indeed, there is nothing impossible at this point. Even though the Challenger is currently in a preparation process for its all-new model, Dodge may still update some elements in its car before the full redesign. And it was found that the automaker will have a special ACR trim.

Dodge Challenger 2021 ACR is expected to come back to celebrate the model’s anniversary that has reached the 50th year this time. This model is rumored to offer track-focused equipment including a removable extension in the front splitter and huge customized dual-element carbon-fiber back wing.

Dodge Challenger Rumors and Updates

Considering its success to outsell the Chevy Camaro and Ford Mustang, the next-generation Challenger is indeed something awaited by auto enthusiasts. This is because the existing Challenger hasn’t shown such slowing down signs in terms of selling. Previously, there have been 18,031 units of Challenger sold in the market.

This figure is indeed remarkable since the existing Challenger has been over ten years in the market while its competitors have been redesigned. That’s why Challenger’s redesigns have been awaited by its fans that want to see what the automaker will give to its popular model.

As mentioned above, there could be a special edition in the 2021 model year. Even though it won’t be a full redesign that is confirmed to be delayed, Dodger fans, especially American Club Racing, should look forward to the Dodge Challenger 2021 release date.

The Challenger ACR itself is supposed to come with a driver seat only. You probably need to pay extra money if considering a passenger seat. The upcoming ACR may come with the same option offered by the Challenger R/T Scat Pack.

2021 Dodge Challenger Changes

Dodge Challenger ACR 2021 Engine

Unfortunately, we haven’t got any clear information related to the powertrain of this upcoming Challenger. However, some reported that the new ACR will be able to generate 797 horsepower just like the Hellcat. Thus, it may offer a 6.2L supercharged v8 engine.

This engine option might not be as powerful as the one you see in the Challenger SRT Demon. However, we cannot deny that this specification is still in a top-tier in terms of power, especially for a modern car released for the 2020 and 2021 models.

This 2021 Dodge Challenger is expected to be a powerful car in the market. Regarding the above powertrain specs, only Ford with its Mustang Shelby GT500 can come close to the Challenger ACR. This car is powered with a 5.2L V8 engine.

The 5.2L V8 engine of the Shelby GT500 is capable to deliver 760 horsepower and 635 lb-ft of power torque. Meanwhile, the price of this Shelby could surpass $100,000 with this kind of remarkable powertrain specification. This price is reasonable regarding what the Shelby offers.

2021 Dodge Challenger Release Date

Then, what other things should we expect from the upcoming Challenger? Unfortunately, there is no much to say about it since the spy shots didn’t show us much as well. It was only revealed that the press photo of the next Challenger shows 2,023 miles on its odometer.

This suggests that the Dodge Challenger 2021 redesign might not be available since the upcoming model is probably released in 2023. On the other hand, the automaker has said that the mile showing there has nothing to do with the Challenger’s release.

But, we have seen that the automaker has done something similar in its Ram Rebel TRX. At that time, the car was unveiled with 7:07 showcased on the clock. Then, it turned out that the new Ram Rebel TRX engine could deliver 707 horsepower.

That’s why many auto media believed that the next-generation Dodge Challenger would be released in 2023 or as a 2023 model year. For this reason, we are supposed to wait once again for the release of an all-new model for the Challenger.

Dodge Challenger Prices and Lease Deals

Regarding the information mentioned above, we still cannot confirm when the upcoming Dodge Challenger will be released to the market. Dodge Challenger 2021 rumors might come true, but it won’t be a full redesign since the all-new version is probably unveiled in 2023.

The current Dodge Challenger is now powered by a 6.2l HEMI SRT Hellcat V8 engine that makes the car highly powerful on the road. The price of this Challenger is starting at $28,095 for the cheapest version. For the one with an R/T Scat Pack, the price starts at $40,245.

Meanwhile, if you are planning to lease the existing Challenger, the estimated monthly payment is starting at $319 per month. This lease is for a 42-month deal with $3,949 due at signing for the Los Angeles region. You don’t need to prepare a security deposit for this Challenger deal.

In conclusion, the full redesign of Dodge Challenger shouldn’t be expected to come up soon. It is probably in 2023 or beyond for us to see the all-new Challenger in the market. But, the wait for this 2021 Dodge Challenger must be worth considering how serious the automaker is.