2021 Chevy Traverse Redesign, Interior, Price & Release Date

2021 Chevy Traverse High Country Review

Have you ever known about one of the best cars with three rows of seating, a Chevy Traverse? It is happy to know, Chevrolet will release the new generation of that car soon. They named it a 2021 Chevy Traverse, a new car that adopts different style from its old generation. This car will be enlivening the exchanges of new cars that had the latest technology with high comfortability.

Even this car may have name Chevy Traverse, but Chevrolet made big changes in its design and it looks good. The upcoming Chevy Traverse car may look weird and new because it adopts many styles from other Chevy cars. You may realize that this car has a sense of XT5 Cadillac and GMC Acadia models but it did not make it bad. We can say that Chevy succeeds in combining many styles in the new car.

2021 Chevy Traverse

The first generation of Chevy Traverse was available on the market in 2009. One of the biggest changes in its car is on the seats that have 2+3+3 seats inside. This car will be perfect if you want to do a long journey with your whole family. however, there are many details you can get from this car and if you want to know more, you’ve come to the right place. We will give you more information and here we go!

2021 Chevy Traverse Release Date & Price

This Chevy SUV has reached the final process of the design so it maybe will come earlier than we thought. But Chevrolet still did not tell anything about the exact date of the release until this day. If everything goes right, then it should be possible for Chevrolet to release it at the start of 2021. We should be waiting a little longer for Chevrolet to announcing the release date in somewhere this year.

You may be thinking that Chevrolet usually gives a high price for any of their products. But it may depend on your ability to buy and also your car taste. This car will e released on the price around $29,595 for the entry-level and a little bit higher, $48,000 for the premier version.

These prices can be increased along with the economic condition and also can be decreased too. The current generation of the traverse is one of the best SUV lease deals right now, and we also ensure the same for this 2021 model.

2021 Chevy Traverse Redesign Exterior & Interior

2021 Chevy Traverse Redesign – Exterior Style and New Touch

When the first time you see this car, you should be not recognized that it is the new version of Chevy Traverse. It is because this car has been redesign so much in any part of the body. You can feel the sense of sleeker and mature style from this big car that will be fitted with nowadays conditions. Maybe you realized that this car uses the Suburban and Tahoe models but it successfully made a new fleet of the Chevrolet.

The front design of this Chevy Traverse is adapted from Crossover but it has a different size and few adjustments. The silver line there succeeds to make this car look more stylish with the golden emblem of Chevrolet in the middle of it. Few indentations in the body, especially in the door, succeed in creating the muscular look on this car. Above all, one of the best updates on the exterior is the D-Optic headlights trim for the Premier and High Country version.


The newest 2021 Chevy Traverse will also get an update on its dimension and system rates. This car has 204.3 inches in length, 120.9 inches for the wheelbase, 70.7 inches for the height and 78.6 inches in width.

2021 Chevy Traverse Interior

When you entered this car you should be surprised when you see the interior of this new car. You can see the great dashboard design combined with a new center console that rare in the GM-affiliated car. Put attention more into the dashboard design. You will see the sophisticated with modern touch wrapped with high-grade leather. Besides, the piano black color touch succeeds adds more class into this car.

You can see the little screen in the middle of the dashboard that will ease you while driving. If you think it is just the usual screen that every car has, you wrong this time. This gadget has 8.0 inches and has an infotainment system so you will not feel bored while using this car. They’re also available one hidden storage behind this screen where USB port and LED lights are placed. The basic material for its seats also looks great and feels comfortable.

Engine and Specs

This 2021 Chevy Traverse has two different engines that will make you can choose which one will be suited to your needs. The first engine is for the exclusive version, the RS trims, t have 2.0-liter and 4-cylinder engine. This engine is made from an aluminum design that will make it stronger, direct fuel injection, and also variable valve timing. You can drive fast and get 225 horsepower.

The second engine offers a 3.6-liter and V-6 engine and has the same look as the previous one. The difference between this second engine and the first one is in power. You can get higher power if you choose this engine. This engine can produce 305 power and reach 6,500 rpm.

Performance and Fuel Economy

Chevrolet may do not officially released the top speed and acceleration of this Chevy Traverse. But when we analyze the engine that this car used we can calculate how fast this car can be. This car will have the acceleration to 60 mph only for the 7-seconds as long as this car did not get any improvements. For the high speed, it will be so hard to calculate and we only can wait for the official released.

This car has a big dimension which means it has more weight and it will affect the fuels they use. The types of engines that they used have different fuel economy estimations. For the 2.0 liter type of engine, it will give 23 mpg while you driving in a high way and 23 mpg in the city. The second 3.6-liter engine will consume 1 gram of fuel for 18 meters in the city and 25 meters while on the highway.

You don’t need to be worry if you want to buy this car because the safety features have been updated. You can get a surround vision camera, lane keep assistant, and also a lane departure warning system. Save your money and wait for the official released!