2021 Chevy Express Passenger Van, Specs, Price & Release Date

2021 Chevy Express Passenger Van Review

2021 Chevy Express Passenger Van does not come with many changes, the previous model was very good with a wide choice of versions. powerful engine, comfortable and spacious interior, this is typical of a van from Chevrolet.

From all the cars Chevrolet has released, the Chevy Van may not be one of the best or most searched vehicle. The design of the van is square and not interesting for many people. However, if you are looking for a big car to load many at once, try to take a peak.

At the beginning of 2021, Chevrolet will be releasing their new vehicles, the 2021 Chevy Express. Like the version before, the Chevy Express is a minivan that is capable to bring many people inside. However, this version comes with a more advanced machine and design making it more modern than before.

The Chevrolet van is an ancient car, as it was first released in 1995. So, overall it has been more than two and a half decades since the first version. Although the car is ancient, the car has been a favorite in the van category. The Chevrolet van has been the second best-selling van in the world, making it a favorite for van category. So, what to expect in the upcoming Chevrolet van that will be released soon?

2021 Chevy Express Redesign

The Chevrolet express design is not as interesting as city cars, but it has improved compared to the older version. The company has renewed its exterior design by making it not square. The back part of the car hasn’t changed very much as it is still square shape.

However, the front part of the car is made a bit more modern with an oval – square shape. It also comes with LED light making it capable to bring it day or night. One of the significant differences from this version is that it is lighter in weight. This is a huge change because this will change the way people have been driving this car. As for the colors, the van will be ready in red hot, silver metallic, white and black.

2021 Chevy Express Passenger Van Interior

From the outside of the van, people can see that the car is quite big and long. Therefore, you can ensure that the inside is also spacious and can bring a lot of things. If you are planning to buy a company car to pick up the staff, then this passenger van is a great option. This is because the van is available with 15 seat passengers with a rear passenger air conditioning.

Therefore, it is a guarantee that everyone will feel comfortable and cool inside the van. To add some more space in the van for some luggage and equipment you can use the 12 seat passengers. Add the Thule storage container to give you more space for all your storage and luggage in the van. Another great advantage of the Chevy Express interior is that most of the materials are made from plastic making it easy to clean.

Engine Specs & Configuration

One of the things that most people await from the 2021 Chevy Express is the engine that it will have. In the previous version, the van came with standard engines making it a standard van for people. However, the upcoming version is coming with four machines, from the 276 HP with an option of 4.3-Liter V6 and the 341 HPI 6.0-Liter V8. This passenger van is also available with an LS or an LT trim.

However, each type is different, depending on the type of van you choose. For the 12-passenger type, the 155-inch wheelbase version can accommodate your needs and support your van. As for the 15-passengers will need the 155-inch wheelbase version to complement your needs. Whichever kind of engine you choose for your van, it is all worthy to get.

Engine Trims:

4.3L V6

  • Standard on Express 2500 and Express 3500
  • 276 horsepower and 298 lb.-ft. of torque
  • Variable Valve Timing and Direct Injection

6.0L Vortec® V8

  • Available on Express 2500 and Express 3500
  • 341 horsepower and 373 lb.-ft. of torque
  • Available Hydra-Matic® 6-speed automatic, heavy-duty transmission with Tap-Up/Tap-Down Driver Shift Control and auto grade braking

6.0L CNG/LPG capable V8

  • Available on Express 2500 and Express 3500
  • 341 horsepower and 373 lb.-ft. of torque
  • Available Hydra-Matic® 6-speed automatic, heavy-duty transmission with Tap-Up/Tap-Down Driver Shift Control and auto grade braking

2.8L 4-cylinder Duramax® Turbo-Diesel

  • Available on Express 2500 and Express 3500
  • 181 horsepower and 369 lb.-ft. of torque
  • Maximum towing capability of up to 6,300 lbs.
  • Late availability

Chevrolet Express Features & Entertainment

The Chevrolet passenger vans aren’t as advanced as other Chevrolet cars in the market. However, this van is now supported with upgraded audio and infotainment system that will make the van more convenient. The first feature that van has is the side sliding door on the car. With this feature, opening the car becomes much easier and lighter rather than the normal doors.

Next, inside the car, there are rear auxiliary heaters and air conditioners which will make all the passengers comfortable. As for the audio system, the van is supported with a Bluetooth and an audio system that will entertain everyone inside.

2021 Chevy Express Passenger Van Release Date & Price

Now after knowing all the benefits and what you can get from this van, how much will this van cost? Well, overall rumors have been saying that even though it is more advance the price is still quite worthy. With all the things you will get, you must pay around $35,000- $40,000 for the 2021 Chevy van.

Even though this is not a cheap price but with all the features and engines, it is worthy and affordable to buy. As for the release date, it is ready around the beginning of 2021 for the original colors. However, for the other colors, you may need to wait a bit longer because it is in progress.

Chevrolet Van Safety

Chevrolet company is very concerned with its customer’s safety. Therefore, they make sure that all their customers receive and get a safety car too. All their cars are made and supported by safety equipment such as safety belts, airbags, and safety technologies.

These technologies will also help to let people know about potential collisions before even happening. Therefore, it will prevent dangerous accidents from happening and ensure the safety of passengers. As for the airbags, it is available in almost all places in the car, to help secure all the passengers. So, whether you are the driver or the passenger, Chevrolet will take care of your safety. 

2021 Chevy Express Passenger Van Release Date

Overall, the 2021 Chevy express van is a passenger van that is worthy to consider. Whether you are looking for a company car or just need a car that can load a lot, this is it. With its ability to carry up 15 passengers, the van is recommended to use for business or personal needs. Even though the car looks old and is ancient, the 2021 passenger van is different as it is now more modern. So, expect something different from the upcoming passenger van that will be out soon.