2021 BMW i3 Facelift, Specs, Price & Release Date

2021 BMW i3 Changes

Who doesn’t know the BMW company, which produces one of the top favorable cars in the world? Well, they are a favorite because of many reasons and one of them is they make qualified cars. It is not a secret anymore that all their cars are expensive. But customers pay an expensive price for a well designed and qualified car. One of BMW’s newest qualified projects that will be coming up soon is the 2021 BMW i3.

Many people have been saying that the new 2021 i3 will be different from their usual design. Why is it different and why are many people waiting for this version to come out? Well, after taking a first look at the car, the design is different from normal BMW cars. The engine and machines are also very different compared to the other BMW cars. So, what is going on with the BMW i3 and what surprise will it bring?

2021 BMW i3 Facelift

BMW shows that they are concern about the environment and energy of the world. Therefore, they have made a whole new car that is different from their other cars. The 2021 BMW i3 is a sustainable automobile car that is expected to bring cars into a whole new level. Their main changes in the car will be seen in the design and the machine inside the car. However, they will make sure that the car can still drive like normal BMW cars. And most importantly, make their design look good even though it is different.

Exterior Design of the New BMW

So, it is not a secret anymore that the new design is different from other BMW cars. The material they will be using for the car is carbon fiber reinforced plastic body. The frames are aluminum and thermoplastic for the outer body panels of the car. So, overall you can say that BMW reinvented the BMW i3 into a whole new car.

The new design of the new 2021 i3 may not be the best in the market. Sometimes, it looks like normal city cars that are now available in the market. However, BMW keeps its typical look in the front part of the car, a bit square, and a logo. Despite the design, the size of the car is quite lovable making it easy to bring in the traffic situation.

Another difference between the BMW i3 is the 50 percent doors that are only available on the front side. So, people can enter the car from the front part only, so there is a bit of sport design in it. This, of course, affects the size and whole weight of the car which makes it lighter than their other cars.

2021 BMW i3 Interior

The whole size of the BMW i3 is not that big, therefore it also affects the space inside the car. Overall, the space inside the car is enough if you don’t have long legs or not on a long trip. However, if you are planning to go from one city to another, you might want to consider it. It will be a bit tiring especially for the passengers in the back seat as it is smaller.


2021 BMW i3 Interior


Despite the space in both rows, the interior design is still typical of the BMW type. You can see this by the leather material they use for the whole interior from the seats to the steer. The whole dashboard is also a black-not shining color making it look cool and high class. To make the design not dull black, they added some silver color into the steers and dashboard.

Battery Range

What makes the BMW i3 different here is the machine that it will be using. BMW i3 is one of the first electric cars that BMW has been producing. The car is supported by a battery that can drive the car. Therefore, people must make sure that they charge up the battery before using it.

One of their improvement in the 2021 version it the ability of the battery. The company realizes that its battery was weak and only stand for a few hours. Therefore, they have made the battery last longer than the original one. In the new version, the battery will have an EPA range rating of 155 miles per charge which is longer than the one before. This means that it can last for longer trips from one city to another. However, compared to other electric cars, the BMW i3 is still lagging and needs to improve more.

Connectivity & Features

 Many other electric and hybrid cars usually have a lot of screens with a touch screen for use. However, this BMW car comes a bit different because it is simpler and easy to use. All the i3 models come with an iDrive 6 infotainment that can connect with Apple gadgets. Unfortunately, Android gadgets can’t connect to the drive, therefore you will need to install your system into the car.

As for connectivity, there is a Bluetooth connection which can connect to any gadget. However, you must set your gadget with the car before using them. Another lack from the BMW i3 is rare power points as there is only one USB charger inside. It is also located in the front center console of the car, so passengers in the back seat won’t be able to use it.

Safety & Driver Features

The new version of i3 has not been crash-tested yet until today. However, this year, they are planning to take a crash test to see how strong and durable the car is. Despite the crashing test, the car still has safety standards such as emergency braking and cruise control.

2021 BMW i3 Release Date & Price

Even though there is a lack of technology, the price of the BMW i3 is more affordable. The car will be available from $50,000 for the basic type which is only different $2,000 from the price before. So, it hasn’t increased to high after seeing the improvement and upgraded parts of the car.

As for the release date, it will ready at the beginning of 2021, but the month is still unknown. However, overall the design and machine are ready to go into the market. So, be ready for the release of the car sooner because it may come faster than they plan. 

So, if you are looking for an electricity-hybrid car that has a long-lasting battery, consider the 2021 BMW i3. Even though it is not the best electric car, the price is compatible especially for BMW cars. The car is also very easy to use for all gender of all ages.