2021 Acura MDX Redesign, Specs, Release Date & Price

2021 Acura MDX Price & Availability

Crafted from the luxury vehicle manufacturer, 2021 Acura MDX will come as the supercar handing in SUV class. You don’t need to question the quality and performance of their products anymore. Since 1986, Acura launched the luxury and high-performance vehicle.

So, the company prepared the same thing for this car too. All we can say for your hint; this car is completely redesigned for the next year. A lot of novelties are about to see in the new design. It is getting more perfect with some improvements for your safety and convenience.

Talking about the new design, you might be curious about the result. Yes, it seems like the company wants to surprise its market and rivals. Because until now, they haven’t announced yet the release date. However, we have successfully gathered some information about this car. The expected release date supposed to be scheduled in the middle of 2021. Even though there is no exact date, at least you can prepare yourself for it. Know more about the new Acura MDX by reading the hot news below.

A Glance About 2021 Acura MDX Series

For Japan and the Australian market, Acura MDX is known as Honda MDX. Indeed, Acura is one of the divisions under Honda, but this brand is special for outside Japan, such as the United States, Hong Kong, China, Russia, Mexico, Ukraine, and Kuwait. Just like its rivals, Nissan and Toyota, Acura built its premium vehicle brand. 2001 was when the first generation of Acura MDX released.

As the mid-size three-row vehicle, this first production was only able to hold 7 people inside, but the rear seat was very small and only for two. In 2006, the second generation was released with the new exterior design. Until its third generation in 2014, Acura put some new technologies inside. Seeing the company keep consistent for the improvement, we assure you can imagine how impressive the 2021 Acura MDX will be.

As the fourth generation, the upcoming Acura MDX series is still based on Honda Pilot. Hence, even though, the company redesigned the 2021 series, it won’t go too far from the typical Honda models. But this new generation shows the sharper angels to get a more aggressive look for the SUV car. Also, the headlamps, the grille, the wheels, and other parts are revised to achieve that goal. See more detail about it in the next discussion below.

2021 Acura MDX Redesign & Changes

You probably have seen the TLX design and reviews on the internet. Indeed, its sedan siblings have a more obvious different look than its previous one. But you can’t equalize the TLX with MDX. Because both of them were designed for different market segments. TLX is special for the luxury sport sedan segment, while the MDX is for the SUV driver who dreams of wide space with a hi-tech and sophisticated design. See? Both of them are totally not the same. So, check below to know what the new Acura MDX specifications inside:

Exterior Look

Your first impression when seeing this car will come into efficient performance. You can easily see it from its thinner headlamps with a larger grille and a new set of wheels. The size seems smaller for a mid-size crossover in common, but it becomes the benefit for the driver and passengers inside. Because, with the wheelbase of 111 inches, the new model displays a new styling. If you look closer, you will find a lot of sharp and angular lines there.

Interior Sensation

Now it is time to come into inside the car. Maybe you expect very wide legroom. Well, since this car is using 111 inches in wheelbase, this is not particularly big, but still gives you a luxury convenience. The first row is around 41.4 inches which are general for the SUV class. The second row is relatively comfortable with about 38.5 inches. While for the last row is not really tight with 28.1 inches. Thus, some people assume that wheelbase plays a role in bringing this aspect of improvement.

2021 Acura MDX Price in USA

Entertainment System

Inside the car, you can enjoy the entertainment through the touchscreen. Thanks to this generation with a widescreen pop-up display. You can give and receive the command via the touchpad controller. Just hope that once Acura redesigns its MDX series, they won’t take out this feature. Because it is also useful as the safety feature and driver’s tools.

Engine Specs

Talking about the engines, of course, the 2021 Acura engine is coming with a powerful and efficient engine. The standard models come with 3.5-liter V6 engines that can result in 290 horsepower. At the same time, this engine improves fuel economy remains until the last. The engine is good to ride on the highway for about 27 mpg, while you are driving in the city could be about 20 mpg. That is a pretty good number among its class.

2021 Acura MDX Release Date & Price

Actually, there is no official number yet from Acura. Many parties are waiting for the confirmation for the date release and the price. However, if you want to guess, you can predict based on the previous model and its competitors in the current market. The current model starts from $45,000, while the Sport Hybrid held on $55,000. So, it is probably in range $45,000 – $55,000. Because, even though Acura did some touches on the 2021 model, the price won’t significantly change.

This transformation offers you a complete experience in driving the SUV car. Knowing the 2021 Acura MDX specifications above, you can get advanced safety and driving technologies. You might not predict what your needs in the future, but Acura has answered that through its MDX fourth generation.