2021 Acura CDX, Everything You Should Know About This Crossover

2021 Acura CDX Specs

The upcoming car 2021 Acura CDX will highlight Honda’s most luxurious ride. So far Acura’s newest model is only available on the Chinese Market with a rumored additional hybrid version. Acura’s new luxurious car has yet to reach the US market. According to Acura’s statements, both the hybrid and the regular version of Acura will debut worldwide as soon as possible.

The size may be a bit different than RDX, CDX has a smaller size than the compact RDX. Even so, Acura CDX won’t be a part of the crossover subcompact class. Moreover, this model will borrow some features from other siblings, such as RDX and MDX. For instance, these three siblings will share the same infotainment systems in the future. But there is still something unique about the CDX system that makes CDX is CDX.

First Debut

The first debut of the Acura CDX model starts in 2016, at Beijing Auto Show 2016. ZengCheng Factory in Guangzhou, China produced CDX. It has been existing since June 2016. Later on, CDX produced lots of CDX models with different variants. Below are the facts and changes that you need to know for the newest Acura CDX model

2021 Acura CDX Updates

Different from the older models, there will be slight changes from the previous model, in the hope that the newer changes will attract more customers than the previous model. Here is the list of changes in the newest release for 2021 Acura CDX

Exterior Redesign

There are few changes to the US market, especially the appearance that differs from the Chinese Market. There will be slight changes in the car design that makes US CDX different from the previous model. Honda Acura will try to attract new customers with more magnetic design and more customized details.

Additionally, the exterior of Acura CDX will have a more refined and appealing design. Not only can it provide safety for its passengers, but the exterior of the newest Acura CDX is also perfect for people who seek elegance and a good engine.

The LED lamp is square-shaped, not to mention the logo of Acura CDX act as the finishing blow. Acura CDX, similarly have the same size as Honda CR-V.

According to the Press, 2017 Acura CDX design was based on Precision Concept- if you don’t know what’s a Precision Concept then to put it simply; it’s a highly stylized sedan that attracted the attention of the audience during the 2016 Auto Show.

As for the 2019 Acura CDX, the exterior of the car exudes a sporty look rather than an older design. Likewise, the newest Acura would probably use bits of the older model design combined with a new magnetic look to attract US audiences.

2021 Acura CDX Interior

The Acura cabin will be focusing on driver, with a new add-on and tech upgrade, boosted by high-quality materials. Therefore, it is perfect for a safe and reliable vehicle, that’s if you want a car that provides you with a sense of security.

The interior of the newest model will also provide better sound quality because of the new applied audio tracker system. The rumored 2021 Acura will have wi-fi add-on, which provides the passenger with the accessibility for browsing the internet. There are also safety add-ons such as protection handbags.

Safety Features

The security system of Acura CDX name is Acura Watch, it’s a feature that could provide a driver with a warning if there is a possibility of collision or to minimize accidents occurring on the busy streets. This smart feature will help the driver and the passenger to lead a safe driving habit and also to reduce the chance of accidents happening.

Additionally, if you’re the type of person who has difficulties parking your car, then this next feature will probably surprise you.  Looking at the previous Acura model, which has an Automatic Parking system then the chance of the 2021 version having one is also high.

The mentioned previous model that is only available on Chinese is Acura CDX Sport Hybrid. Acura CDX Sport Hybrid has an Automatic Parking system combined with Electronic Parking Brake. So it is accurate to say that the newest Acura model would have newer and smarter equipment than the older models.

If you’re the type who easily puts a dent in your car, then this car might be perfect for you to decrease the number of dents you have on your car.

2021 Acura CDX Price


The dimension of Acura CDX still stays the same as it’s an older version. For starters, the wheelbase will be 105 cm long just like the older version, somewhat shorter 3 cm than it’s sibling RDX. Overall the total length is 174 cm, as a result, this model is probably the smallest model among other Acura models.

Engine Specs

If you’re interested in cars that have crossover operating, then you might want to buy the newest Acura CDX model. Under the hood of this small model, is an engine that perfectly fits for crossover purposes. Acura CDX has a 1.5 liters powertrain that brings about 180 hp and 180 lb-ft torque.

It’s very likely the hybrid system will be based on that of the Japanese-market Vezel Hybrid (HR-V), this Vezel Hybrid has a 97kW/156Nm 1.5-liter petrol engine with an electric motor. The shifting gears is probably a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic.

This car will be paired to an 8 dual-clutch transmission. Naturally, the same engine systems will be available in all CDX versions, the US is also included. This cool car is available in front-wheel-drive (FWD) and all-wheel drive (AWD) configurations.

As for the fuel economy, the upcoming CDX will have the perfect equipment for your long trip. The main reason for this is the fuel engine has the capability of saving fuel.

In the end, compared to Acura RDX, the Acura CDX needs to add 3 until 4 mpg to reach the RDX level. According to the automaker, 2021 Acura has plans to release the hybrid variant as well. If that were to happen, Acura CDX will be able to return probably around 33 mpg.

2021 Acura CDX Release Date & Price

Taking other lineups of Acura model price into account, then the 2021 Acura CDX price will probably start around $32,000. As for Acura’s closest relative, RDX starts at $39,000. The release date for the newest model is still unknown so far. However, we can assume that the chance of Acura releasing in 2021 is high.

Although the Acura CDX is not that distinctive from its other siblings, rest assured you can still have particular features that this model offers. Thus, let’s wait for what the company has on the shelf for the upcoming Acura CDX next year.