2020 Suvs worth Waiting for South Africa | Best SUV South Africa 2019/2020

2020 suvs worth waiting for South Africa is probably the most important thing that comes across your mind because you can’t wait to see what the SUV market in South Africa will offer to you in the year 2020. As we all know, car as a mean of transportation has become more than just a secondary or tertiary needs. Car holds a very important role in our life and without it we can’t live our life normally. There are various types of car that you can choose from a small city car to a manly looking big SUV. Each type of car has its own advantage and disadvantage. Let’s take an example of city cars. City cars are designed to be used for short distance trip. This kind of car has a relatively small size engine as well as the wheel size make it very fuel efficient but on the other hand, it can only be ridden in a relatively smooth road. If you often face rough and even off road terrain in daily basis, it is better for you to own a SUV.

New BMW X3 Release Date - Best Small Luxury SUV 2020

According to the history, SUV was first build to deal with bad terrain in war zone during the world war. At that time the need of a passenger and cargo carrier car that has the ability to go through off road terrain was high, so car manufacturer tried to build a car out of truck chassis. Comfort was the last thing they concerned about as well as luxury. When the war stopped, car manufacturers did not stop their SUV production because bad road condition continues to exist even many decades after the war. As the time flies by, car manufacturers added many features to make SUV more comfortable. As a result, nowadays more people buy SUV not just because of its ability to go through rough terrain, but to show their status. Many of the SUVs being marketed, including in South Africa, are high class luxury SUV. So then the question is what is the 2020 suvs worth waiting for South Africa?

South Africa is one of the biggest SUV market in the world. Many car manufacturers launched their latest SUV model in South Africa. Take the example one of the most popular car manufacturers in world, BMW, which will launch its crossover SUV the new 2020 BMW X3. BMW which used to build luxury and high quality saloon cars, started to try their luck in selling SUV in the early 2000’s because they found out that SUV market is good for their business. Since then BMW has create many high quality and luxury SUV and this is the evidence that luxury SUV has a great potential in South Africa, so is this your 2020 suvs worth waiting for South Africa?