2020 BMW X7 Review: Dimension, Specs, Safety, and Price

When Will The 2020 BMW X7 be Available

The SUV market is ever-growing. It has become more and more popular each day. This attracts many manufacturers, including BMW, to enter the market. Earlier this year, BMW introduced a new, three-row full-size SUV: the 2020 BMW X7.

The 2020 X7 is BMW’s current largest SUV. Of course, the size is not the only thing that makes the X7 a good SUV. There are many other aspects that the X7 excel in as well. If you want to know more, just read on.

2020 BMW X7 Design & Size

First and foremost, let’s talk about design. In terms of exterior, how the X7 look is quite unique. It doesn’t look like any other large, full-size SUVs in the market. With its enormous kidney-grille, it appears BMW wants the customers to recognize who made the SUV.

From the front, the X7 looks massive, and yet, it looks perfectly straight from the side. The ground clearance is impressive. The SUV has a distinguished look from the rear as well, making it easily recognizable. Overall, it looks stylish, sporty, and modern.


In terms of interior, the X7 has a large interior. It can easily accommodate seven passengers with its three-row heated seating.

The interior is covered with Vernasca leather, with amenities like massage function for the front seats and armrests and cupholders for the rear seats. It has excellent cargo space, up to 2,120 liters with the second and third rows seating folded and 326 liters unfolded.


There are two versions of the 2020 BMW X7: the xDrive40i and xDrive50i. The xDrive40i is the base model. It is powered by a 3.0L, turbocharged straight-six engine. This engine is capable of delivering up to 335 horsepower with up to 330 lb-ft of torque.

On the other hand, the xDrive50i is the flagship model. Naturally, it comes with a better engine. The xDrive50i is powered by a 4.4L, twin-turbocharged V8 engine. This engine has an output of up to 456 horsepower with up to 479 lb-ft of torque.

Both xDrive40i and xDrive50i comes with an all-wheel-drive system. There is also a standard air system available to both models. This system enables the driver to choose their driving mode, be it sporty, comfortable or somewhere in the middle. Basically, this system makes the X7 a nimble SUV despite its large size.

2020 BMW X7 Interior & MSRP


The X7 comes with a lot of safety features. Better yet, some of these features are standard which means even the base model will have it. The standard safety features include Cruise Control and Pedestrian Warning, automated reversing, and interior camera, all of which make it a great SUV for commuting.

2020 BMW X7 Price

The starting price of the xDrive40i model is around $73,900, while the starting price of the flagship model, the xDrive50i, is around $92,600.


The 2020 BMW X7 is without a doubt a capable and reliable full-size SUV. It has sporty and imposing exterior, roomy and high-quality interior, powerful engine options, and various standard safety features and new technologies.

With all of these, it wouldn’t be a surprise if in the future the 2020 X7 is rated as one of the best full-size for 2020.